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English Language and Literature Results

Profile 4* 3* 2* 1* u/c
Overall 39 46 15 0 0
Outputs 48.6 37.1 14.3 0 0
Impact 33.3 50 16.7 0 0
Environment 12.5 75 12.5 0 0

Case Studies


EM Performance

Andy Kesson and Clare McManus

Through the research of Professor Clare McManus and Dr Andy Kesson a light has been shone on the diverse figures of early modern performances. Their research has highlighted that female entrepreneurship, physical skill, trans identity, race, and disability is present in the original plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries and is not something which needs to be imposed upon in productions from a modern-day point of view. This research has reshaped audience and industry understanding of early modern theatre history, changed theatre practice and provided economic, commercial and personal benefits to individuals and companies staging performances of and beyond Shakespeare.

Living Libraries

Shelley Trower

Libaries have been central to local communities for years, both as a place where people come to borrow books and as social spaces. In 2010 local authority funding was reduced, putting a strain on libaries across the country, resulting in the closure of nearly a fifth. Shelley Trower led two research projects which explored the role of reading and pubic libraries in peoples' lives. The results of these studies have enriched the cultural lives of project participants, revitalised public awareness of the role and value of libraries, and encouraged engagement with local libraries.

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Tim Atkins, David Harsent, Jeff Hilson, Peter Jaeger, Zachary Leader, Fiona Sampson and Isabel Waidner

The wide range of work conducted by researchers from the subject area of English and Creative Writing has had a varied and important impact on the creative industries. Their work has led to the development of critically acclaimed productions, supported the growth and development of up and coming writers and expanded the accessibility of literature providing new inclusive spaces for experimental writing.