Theology and Religious Studies

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Theology and Religious Studies Results

Profile 4* 3* 2* 1* u/c
Overall 24 30 46 0 0
Outputs 33.3 11.1 55.6 0 0
Impact 0 75 25 0 0
Environment 25 35 40 0 0

Case Studies

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Spatial Needs BMC

Andrew Rodgers

The number of Black Majority Churches (BMCs) in the UK continues to rise, however local authorities have historically not been aware of their needs, contributions to the community or their concerns. Dr Andrew Rogers’ work has bridged a gap between BMCs, government and planning professionals to create new networks and find innovative ways to involve religious minorities in public planning. Dr Rogers research has informed policy and shaped the practice of government in London and Scotland as well as planning professionals across Europe. It has also inspired two exhibitions at the Tate Modern which explored the significance of BMCs in south London.


Clare Watkins

Theological Action Research (TAR) is an innovative participative research process which integrates faith, practice and academic forms of knowledge to enhance not only academic theology and its teaching, but also faith practices in society and church life. Dr Clare Watkins pioneers TAR, which has informed the understanding and practice of churches and other faith-based organisations. Watkins’ research has expanded and enriched the provision of the Catholic Education Service and Marriage Care; and enhanced teaching practice and established an internationally recognised methodology which is now core to teaching and learning of practical theology in the UK and Europe.

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