Sessions and Workshops

In this section you can find a comprehensive list of the support that we can offer to your students – although, we will always try to be as flexible as possible and tailor our sessions to your student’s needs!

All sessions can be delivered on the University of Roehampton campus, at your location, or virtually, but must be booked directly by a representative from a school or college.

As well as utilising our resources here you can chat with one of our current students and ask them questions about their journey to university, their current studies, and Roehampton life on our UniBuddy page.

For all additional webinars and resources including our University Taster Sessions, please visit our Anytime Open Day Page.

Why go to University?

This session is designed to discuss with younger students some of the reasons why they might want to consider university-level study and the benefits of going to university.

Designed for Years 7-11

Choosing the Right University and Course

This workshop helps to guide students on how to conduct their own research on the differences between universities and unpack the degree-level courses which would be best suited to them. This session is ideal for students who are considering the option of university but are unsure where to begin.

Designed for Years 11-13

Applying to University through UCAS

The process of applying to university can sometimes appear confusing. This presentation separates fact from fiction and lays all the processes and steps out very clearly and concisely so that learners considering university-level study can feel confident about the application process.

Designed for Years 12-13

Writing Personal Statements

The idea of writing a Personal Statement can be daunting to some students, especially when it feels like there is so much riding on it. This workshop demystifies the Personal Statement and its purpose, gives students a clear structure to work to, supports them to think about their achievements and interests, and gives them top tips as well as pitfalls to avoid. This session is great for students at all stages of writing their statement.

Designed for Years 12-13

Student Finance and Budgeting

Some of the ‘headline’ figures around the costs of going to university risk putting off some students. Our Student Finance and Budgeting Workshops separate fact from fiction and put their minds at rest when it comes to Student Finance at university. This workshop passes on information about what money they might be eligible for and teaches them the skills they need to balance a budget whilst studying.

Designed for Years 12-13

Transitioning to University

This session helps students consider the factors that make university different from school and how to manage or overcome those differences. For instance, we cover academic changes, increased independence, and responsibility, and provide guidance on how and where to find support when issues arise.

Designed for Years 12-13

University Student Life

This session is typically delivered by one of our current Student Ambassadors, who can share their journey to university and provide an insight into their life as a student. They discuss various aspects, including academics, extracurricular activities, and opportunities beyond the lecture hall.

Designed for Years 10-13

Time Management, Study Skills, and Stress Management

Developed in partnership with our academic learning advisers and wellbeing team, we support students to develop their revision and memory skills in preparation for exams. We review methods to manage their time and teach the biological reason for stress and strategies to manage it.

Designed for Years 7-13

Taster Lectures

Taster Lectures are an exciting, engaging, and interactive way to give your students a taste of academic life at university. These are delivered by University of Roehampton academics or Postgraduate students in any subject of your choice (subject to availability). 

On request, these can be delivered on campus during a tailored campus visit, or you can request for an academic to attend and present at your school. We are also able to deliver these virtually or in a recorded format. 

You can access our on-demand subject and support webinars through our Anytime Open Day page.