Widening Participation

The University of Roehampton offers a number of Schools and Colleges Engagement activities to partner schools and colleges for a range of age groups.

We also offer several Widening Participation programmes which are aimed at groups traditionally under-represented in Higher Education.

Pathways to Law

Pathways to Law Summer School 2018


Pathways to Law is run in partnership with the Sutton Trust.

Pathways to Law is an academic enrichment, sustained engagement programme designed to widen access to degrees and careers in the legal sector for those under-represented within it.

The Year 12-13 programme includes:

  • Subject masterclasses led by academics from the Roehampton Law School
  • Mentoring by Roehampton Law School students
  • A one-week work experience placement at a leading law firm
  • The chance to attend a four-day residential conference packed with talks, activities and networking opportunities
  • Visits to legal landmarks in London including the Inner Temple and the Supreme Court.

The two-year programme is open to applications from students in Year 12 who are interested in a career in the legal sector. Applications open in the August before students begin Year 12 and generally close in the October of Year 12. Applicants must fulfil a number of WP criteria, further details of which can be found here.

We also offer a Year 10 strand in the form of a four-day non-residential Summer School. Activities include:

  • Subject masterclasses led by academics from the Roehampton Law School
  • Mentoring by Roehampton Law School students
  • A visit to a legal landmark in London
  • Debating and public speaking workshops and a Debating Competition.

Applications for the Year 10 Pathways to law Summer School will open in late February.

Class of 2020

Class of 2020 is a sustained engagement academic enrichment programme in celebration of the 175th anniversary of the University of Roehampton.

The programme seeks to raise the achievements and aspirations of 175 young women from widening participation backgrounds, as well as celebrate the history and heritage of the University of Roehampton.

A stated goal of the programme is that all Class of 2020 participants will enrol at Roehampton (or another university of their choice) in 2020.

Participants who successfully complete all aspects of Class of 2020 and who enrol at Roehampton as a first year undergraduate will be eligible for a £500 scholarship in their first year of study.

We have a number of aspirations for the young women taking part in Class of 2020, and hope that the programme will give them:

  • an increased sense of confidence in their own decision making
  • a journey of academic discovery (in new and familiar disciplines)
  • the confidence to harness the knowledge and experience of their mentors
  • a clearer sense of self and their own aspirations
  • a fun and enjoyable experience
  • a supportive network of peers and friends
  • skills that will support them through the next stage of their life
  • and, the motivation and drive to be the best they can be.

No further applications to Class of 2020 are currently being accepted.

Cool to be Clever

Cool to be Clever is a sustained engagement academic enrichment programme run in partnership with Putney High School, Wandsworth Primary Schools and Wandsworth Council. The programme consists of a series of short subject focussed Activity Days which raise aspirations for and awareness of Higher Education. The programme is for students in Years 3-6. A new cohort will be recruited for September 2018.