Researchers at the University of Roehampton are leaders in their academic field, with experience in providing expert consultancy services - the provision of expert advice and work - to public, private and third sector organisations.

We work with a range of partners including businesses of all sizes, arts and culture institutions, charities and NGOs, public bodies, and national and international governments. Our academics are engaged in cutting-edge research focusing on health and wellbeing, economic and ecological sustainability, thecreative arts and the industries that support them, and working for just and inclusive societies.

Our consultancy services will help you to adopt the latest research, with the potential to considerably impact your organisation through the development of new projects and products, innovative services and internal procedures. Among other services, we offer:

  • Expert and strategic advice
  • Bespoke tailor-made solutions
  • Continuing professional development
  • Project evaluation
  • Authored reports on technical, economic, environmental and/or commercial issues
  • Management support and organisational change
  • Development of business plans
  • Policy and procedural guidance
  • Policy analysis
  • Managed access to state-of-the-art facilities
  • We can help you think outside the box and consider new approaches and solutions to your business needs.

For more information about our consultancy services and how we may support you in your projects, please contact our Research Office at