Contract Research

If your company is seeking the capacity to undertake certain research demands it requires or would like to benefit from external expertise, a collaboration with the University of Roehampton may be the solution for you. By commissioning contract research, we will undertake the research you need on your behalf, providing your company with the resources, knowledge and expertise necessary to fulfil your objectives.

Contract research projects usually have a pre-determined scope and objective set by you within which our researchers will work to provide you with the best solutions. This research might be collaborative, with your staff working alongside our researchers, or with the you directly commissioning us to undertake a particular piece of work.

Below are a few examples of the ways we have worked with other organisations through commissioned research and supported their business needs. Whatever the nature is of the collaboration, we will work with you to ensure all your business needs are met.

For more information about contract research and how we may help you in your projects, please contact our Research Office at