Replacement Certificates and Transcripts

Replacement Certificates* and Transcripts Terms and Conditions

1. Conditions attached to the production of replacement Certificates and Transcripts

Mislaying a certificate temporarily is not considered sufficient grounds for replacement. Applications for replacement certificates will be granted in cases where the original certificate has been irretrievably lost. Those applying for replacement certificates are reminded that this application constitutes a declaration that the original certificate has been lost or destroyed.

2. Application forms depending on the awarding institutions 

Degree certificates

When requesting your degree certificate it is important that you make a request to the correct awarding body. If you were awarded your degree by the Roehampton Institute/Roehampton University, the awarding bodies are as follows:

Degrees commenced before 1984 Contact the University of London
Degrees commenced from 1984 to 2004 Contact the University of Surrey 
Degrees commenced from 2005 Roehampton University Please complete the below application form and pay online

* Please note that only 1 Degree certificate can be in circulation at any one time.


Degrees awarded before 1984 Contact the University of London
Degrees awarded between 1984 & 1991 Marks are no longer available to produce transcripts
Degrees awarded between 1992 & 2000 Limited information held by Registry to produce a transcript. Please contact Registry before applying
Degrees awarded from 2001 Roehampton University. Complete the Registry application form below
SCITT (Associate Institutions) No information is held by Registry prior to 2012/2013. Please contact Registry before applying

3. Production schedules

Replacement degree certificates: Certificates are produced off-site at the end of every month. Therefore you should expect your replacement certificate to arrive to a United Kingdom address within 6 weeks. Overseas addresses will take longer depending on the destination. Overseas certificates are sent by registered delivery.

Please order your replacement certificate here. 


If you would like to request a PDF copy only of your transcript, you may do so by emailing If you need a printed copy, you can order one online.