Froebel College

Froebel College is one of four colleges that make up the University of Roehampton. Founded in 1892. The College is based within and around Grove House which dates back to 1792 and was designed by architect James Wyatt for Sir Joshua Vanneck.


Founded in 1892, Froebel's high academic achievement, influenced by tradition, has produced outstanding success in academic life, especially in teacher education.

Froebel College

Froebel is home to the Department of Education - renowned for being one of Britain’s major centres for Initial Teacher Training. 

The College encourages creative thought and activity, both individual and collaborative, and expresses concern for the well-being and development of all members, whatever their background.

While the University has responsibility for the academic development of the student, it is the responsibility of the College to provide student support and the social activities that foster a sense of belonging in an informal, close-knit and supportive environment within the wider University.

For those of you committed to dance there are several innovative courses offered by the Department of Dance, with excellent theatre, studios and recording facilities – not to mention our own Dance Library which is one of the finest in the UK.

The College also hosts a number of national and international research centres in the fields of education and dance.

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Froebel College, founded 1892, has sustained outstanding success in academic life, especially in teacher education, profoundly influenced by its traditions.

Froebel Archive for Childhood Studies

The Froebel Archive for Childhood Studies is a collection of books, archives, photographs, objects and multi-media materials, centering on Friedrich Froebel’s educational legacy, early years and elementary education. 

The Archive liaises closely with academic departments, supporting teaching and learning within and beyond the University.

It supports courses at BA and MA level as well as PhD research offered within the University which present a comparative view of early childhood philosophies.

The Froebel Archive for Childhood Studies was established in 1977 at Froebel College where it was located until 2006. Since its formation the Archive has grown considerably, both in its collection of material on Friedrich Froebel, in English and in German, and in its holdings relating to the history of Froebel College. The Archive also has a number of books on kindergartens in other countries.

Together with the archives of the National Froebel Foundation, now the Froebel Trust, which reaches back to its foundation in 1874 and which is housed alongside the Froebel Archive for Childhood Studies, these elements reflect the strands which make up the history of the Froebel movement in the UK.

A number of key publications from the Archive have been digitised for use by students and other interested readers and can be accessed here.

For more information please contact Archives or call 020 8392 3323.