London Life

A fun way for Southlands students to learn and explore.

Central London from campus

Southlands College is situated in one of the world’s great cities.

There’s an amazing cultural, social and intellectual life just waiting for students to explore.

Every month we are highlighting one aspect of these rich resources to be found around London. Also note that our wonderful colleagues at the university library have put together a great selection of resources to help you find your way around London; scroll to the bottom of this page for more details and handy links.

So make the most of your time with us in this great city: click on the links below and get planning some amazing and eye-opening trips!

April 2024: Parks and nature reserves 

Spring is on its way, and spring means… flowers and blossom, new life and (hopefully) sunnier days ahead. And what better way to clear your mind, refresh your body and take some much-needed rest time than having a walk in some of the wonderful natural places in our immediate vicinity.

London’s parks are famed for bringing nature into a bustling city, and are much copied in urban centres around the world. More surprising still – did you know that Britain’s favourite nature reserve is within walking distance of Roehampton University? The brilliant London Wetland Centre is a partner of the university and offers and amazing haven of peaceful ponds, lakes and wetland walks.

Need anything else to tempt you out into the fresh air? Most of these parks are FREE to enter and walk around, while the Wetland Centre has reduced prices for Roehampton students and staff.

Plus don’t forget to take an all-important selfie! You could win a London guide book if you remember to tag us on Instagram with @roe_southlands, using the hashtag #RoeLondonLife

February 2024: Art galleries 

A splash of colour, a spark of inspiration… why not get involved in our amazing London Life project and take yourself off to see some world-class art and culture.

Check out London's amazing art galleries.

London’s galleries and exhibitions are second to none, with treasures from across the world and from all periods of human creativity. And guess what else will tempt you? Most of these galleries are free to enter and walk around.

Plus don’t forget to take an all-important selfie! You could win a London guide book if you remember to tag us on Instagram with @roe_southlands, using the hashtag #RoeLondonLife

So come and join the buzz and the bustle, and plan your trip today!

Decemebr 2023: Markets

London is an amazing city built on trade over thousands of years.

What better way to capture some of that colour and energy than by visiting some of the city’s famous markets?

With fabulous bargains, creative crafts, awesome food stalls, and fashion and vintage surprises galore, there is something for everyone in the bustling streets of this fair city.

Check out London's markets.

Nowhere will give you such a memorable reminder of London’s long and proud tradition as a place of many cultures and influences than the mix of its markets.

Most of these places are just a short bus or train ride away from the university, and usually open all year round.

And don’t forget that all-important selfie! You could win a London guide book if you remember to tag us on Instagram with @roe_southlands, using the hashtag #RoeLondonLife

So come and join the buzz and the bustle, and plan your trip today!

November 2023: Museums

Can we interest you in a banknote worth a million pounds?

It’s just one of the amazing experiences we are promoting as we launch the Southlands College London Life project with a celebration of the fabulous museums you can visit in London. With a short guide listing our top 10 suggestions, we have highlighted the main places that will be particularly interesting for business and law students.

Check out London's fabulous museums.

There’s the Bank of England Museum for those interested in anything to do with economics, finance, government and business generally, plus old and high-value bank notes in abundance! And for those studying creative and marketing subjects there are the Design Museum and the V&A Museum, packed with fascinating examples of creative endeavour and industries. Many other museums look at all manner of human invention and industry, a great learning resource just waiting for you to explore.

And don’t forget, nine out of the 10 museums listed in our mini guide are free to enter, a wonderful opportunity to organise a trip with some friends to experience some of the best interactive and hands-on learning experiences available.

Make sure you tell us all about your trip. Don’t forget to take a selfie outside the museums you visit, and tag us in to share the experience, on Instagram @roe_southlands

Plus if you’ve visited any other local museums you’d like to share, just take a pic and tag us in!

Library resources

The library’s PressReader subscription gives students free access to a huge range of newspapers and magazines, including TimeOut, The London Magazine and London 2023, which all cover various aspects of London life.

Click on library access, then sign in with your usual Roehampton login and password.

We also have some London themed eBooks available through Overdrive, and our Featured Resource List on London and the local area includes links to London guide books, popular novels set in London as well as books on London history, art and culture.

The library also recently featured a Spotlight on the V&A museum and exhibition catalogues in the Library Latest blog.

You'll find links to exhibition catalogues the library has, from an extensive range of London museums and galleries including the Barbican, Tate, National Gallery, Wellcome Collection, Photographer’s Gallery and Whitechapel Art Gallery.

The catalogues can be found on display on the ground floor. They can be borrowed as well as browsed in the library.

Latest news and information from the library, including cultural events.