Meet the Whitelands Team

Below you'll find information on the staff and elected officers that work hard to help run Whitelands College. Feel free to contact them with your questions or arrange a meeting with them to discuss any issues related to Whitelands College, they will be more than happy to help you.

If you have any doubts on who to contact then you can always drop your email to Steven Taggart at and he can point you in the right direction.

College Staff

The staff of the college work for the University of Roehampton to support students, create a community amongst students and staff at the college and be on hand to support in their various different ways.

Dr R David Muir

Head of College
Office: G046 – G047

The Head of the College oversees the development of the College from a strategic level and takes part in formal events and happenings throughout the year. David also oversees any disputes and disciplinary action that takes place within the college grounds. If you'd like to meet with David then please contact the college office to arrange an appointment.

Steven Taggart

College Life Development Officer
Phone: 020 8392 3511
Office: G047

As the College Life Development Officer, Steve works with all members of the college team to help coordinate the work of the college and logistics of its running day to day and its special events. He also supports the development of their work and helps to communicate what they do to the students, staff and alumni of Whitelands. Steve is often the first point of contact if you need help with anything such as college clothing, college events, or if you'd just like a locker. If you're not sure who to ask then get in contact with Steve and he can point you in the right direction.

Jo Eskdale

Sudent Wellbeing Officer

I’m Jo, I am the designated Whitelands Student Wellbeing Officer – The wellbeing team is here to support you if you are experiencing non-academic challenges which are impacting on your wellbeing. We can talk through the issue in confidence. We can also refer and signpost you to a range of support services both within the University and externally. To contact me and book in a chat, in person, online (via Microsoft teams)-or by phone please email me on

Dr Daniel Eshun

Phone: 020 8392 3516
Office: Chaplaincy Office

Daniel is Whitelands local chaplain who is there to support you with any faith related needs you might have. He comes from the Church of England himself, but is happy to discuss all faiths and beliefs with anyone, and he can also easily put you in contact with one of the many other chaplains that Roehampton has across campus. Drop him an email below if you'd like to make an appointment to see him, or find him the College Chaplaincy. 

Sabiha Iqbal

Muslim Chaplain
Phone: 020 8392 3185

Sabiha is the Muslim Chaplain to Whitelands College, and the wider university. She is based in Southlands College (LS002) but regularly frequents all the Chaplaincy spaces and Prayer rooms across campus; including G042, the Islamic Prayer Room at Whitelands College.

The university has a multi-faith Chaplaincy team, who work closely together to provide a safe and welcoming experience for all students and staff. The Roehampton Chaplaincy team is here for those of faith and none, whatever college you are part of and whether you live on-campus or commute in.

Sabiha organises activities and events for all members of the university, as well as specifically for Muslims. Past activities have included; The Coexist Café (a time for student to gather over a hot drink and learn a skill, or just chillax!), the International Food Bazaar, an Eid Special Community Lunch, talks on Ramadan and Fasting (with top tips about how to balance commitments to academic work and Ramadan), Women’s Only Workouts (including yoga and badminton), and much, much more!

College Warden

Shai Danmole-Ellis

Senior College Warden
Phone: 020 8392 7297

My role as Senior College Warden is to encourage positive behaviour and responsible citizenship on campus. I work closely with your Flat Reps to make sure people are living together well in College accommodation- looking out for each other and following the rules. I also work closely with your core College team on any wider behavioural and community issues. Please do contact me if you have any concerns about behaviour on campus, either in a flat or elsewhere. I also work closely alongside your core College team on disciplinary and wellbeing issues, to ensure everyone has the best experience possible of University. My team of College Wardens are available overnight and on weekends to respond to emergencies. You can contact the Wardens by calling Security on ext. 3333 using an internal phone or call directly on 020 8392 3333. Download the Roe Wellbeing App and you can use that to call Security for a College Warden as well!

Maheer Shaukat

College Warden
Phone: Security +44 (0) 20 8392 3333

Hello, everyone! I'm Maheer Shaukat, your friendly college warden at Whiteland's College. With a passion for socializing and a high level of extroversion, I'm always available to lend a helping hand and provide assistance whenever you need it. Creating a safe and secure environment for you during off hours is my top priority. I'm dedicated to ensuring your well-being and fostering a sense of community within our college. Count on me to be there for guidance, support, or just a friendly conversation.

Outside of my role, I enjoy connecting with people and exploring new experiences. Whether it's baking delicious treats, writing, or immersing myself in new destinations, I'm always eager to share stories and interests. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your college journey. With my genuine care, outgoing personality, and commitment to your well-being, I'm here to enhance your experience at Whiteland's College.

Student Elected Officers

The student elected officers are elected by the students of Roehampton to represent them in various ways and to help build and develop the community at Whitelands in partnership with the RSU and College staff.

College President and May Monarch 

The Whitelands May Monarch is a unique position to Whitelands, and their duty is to raise money at the College for their nominated charity for the year. The position is elected each year in December time and they begin their reign in May.

Marcy Mary Cottrell Claughan

May Monarch “Queen Marcy”

Greetings fellow Whitelanders,

Hey! I’m Marcy, I’m a third year Psychology student, and I am Whiteland’s 142nd May Monarch!

I’m really looking forward to the year ahead and am excited to be fundraising for my charity – Papyrus. Papyrus is a UK-based charity devoted to the prevention of young suicide and the promotion of positive mental wellbeing. Mental health is really important to me and I’m hoping as May Queen to have the opportunity to help foster wellbeing on Whitelands. If you see me around, please feel free to strike up a convo. I would really love to hear your ideas and suggestions for what you want to see on Whitelands this year.

Yasamin Mehrasa

Student President

Hi everyone, my name is Yasamin and I am a third year Biomedical Science student. I am your College President so feel free to come up to me anytime you see my smiley face on campus or reach out to me via email. I am aiming to make Whiteland’s a nice and cosy academic and residential space for all of us, so I am open to hear your suggestions and ideas!

Francesca Watson

Student Deputy President

Hi, I'm Frankie! I'm a second year Classical Studies student, and I'm Deputy President for Whitelands. I really want to focus on more social events taking place on Whitelands whether it's societies or the use of the Sett bar, but I'd really like to grow Whitelands as a community. If you see me around let me know if there's anything you'd like to see on Whitelands or just about anything you need in general!