Whitelands College Guild

The Association for all Whitelanders – Come and Join Us

Who makes up the Guild?

Whitelands College Guild is made up of students and staff (past and present) of the College and others who have an interest in Whitelands College.

What is the Guild?

It is a registered charity set up to benefit current and former students and staff of Whitelands College who are in need of comfort or financial help.

The Guild is funded by the generosity of its members. Many members make donations to the various charitable funds over and above their own subscriptions

Whitelands College Guild is firmly rooted in the history of the College, but it is an active group that spans the decades and the world. It has both geographical and chronological groups so that members can meet locally and/or with those they knew at College. Each Year Group and each Branch has representatives that act as liaison for the Trustees with the work of the Guild.

What does the Guild do?

It publishes a newsletter for members twice a year enabling members to keep in touch through their year groups as well as information about college, events and reunions (including May Day) We also provide help to any Whitelander in need and, in the past, have funded Sports Bursaries and students working on special projects.

How do I Join the Guild?

Membership is open to all present and past students and staff of Whitelands College.

Full details can be found on the Whitelands College Guild Website under membership.

The Membership officer is Gwendolyn Horn - please contact her for full details of membership and an application form at admin@whitelandscollegeguild.org.