Esports Scholarship

The University of Roehampton provides generous scholarships for students with talents in esports. These now include new Women in Esports Scholarships.

The scholarship, the first of its kind for a UK university, is worth £2,000 a year and will support a student on any undergraduate and postgraduate courses enrolling at Roehampton in 2024.

The University of Roehampton has also announced a new Women in Esports Scholarship, the first women-focused esports scholarships to be introduced in Europe. See further information below.

Students applying for the scholarship will need to demonstrate talent in the field and successful applicants that join us will need to show their commitment to esports alongside successful academic progression.

Successful scholars will be given priority use of our excellent esports facilities, among the best of any university in the country and have the chance to create and stream content and learn new skills.

For further enquiries, please contact

Esport Scholarships will open for application on 30 October. Please enquire at in the meantime.

NEW: Women in Esports Scholarships

The University of Roehampton has announced a new Women in Esports scholarship, the first women-focused esports scholarships to be introduced in Europe. 

With up to four scholarships available to first year, each worth up to £2,000 a year, the programme aims to improve diversity and inclusivity in the esports industry and to inspire the next generation of women esports professionals.

Initiated by Roehampton Esports, the University’s esports department, the scholarships will offer those accepted onto the scheme a number of opportunities such as a dedicated mentorship scheme, allowing them to connect with senior industry figures.

This is the second type of esports scholarship to be launched by the University of Roehampton, after it became the first UK University to offer esports scholarships in 2018.

As part of the new scholarships, Roehampton Esports will also be partnering with a host of organisations including Women in Games, the National University Esports League (NUEL), Cat Collective, Special Effect and London Esports to bring new opportunities for scholarship recipients, such as work placements and professional esports and industry training. Together with Women in Games, the University of Roehampton will also host weekly women-only esports sessions open to all women in the University, as well as further networking sessions.

Esport Scholarships will open for application on 30 October. Please enquire at in the meantime.

If you are successfully awarded a Roehampton esports Scholarship, you will receive:

  • £2000 cash scholarship for every year of study with us on the degree you enrol on
  • Travel and entry costs for competitions
  • Access to our on-site gym and services managed by Nuffield Health
  • Access to sports massage therapy
  • Additional training, support and CPD development
  • Lifestyle and welfare support

To apply for the Roehampton esports Scholarship you should:

  1. Apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate course with us. View our courses.
  2. Please also complete the application form below, under 'Apply'.
  3. If you are offered a place with us, accept the offer (if you are an undergraduate, you should accept as your first choice; in Clearing you need to complete your application and, where necessary, refer yourself to UCAS)

We will contact successful applicants by the deadline date listed on this page. Contact if you need more information.

Q. Can I hold more than one scholarship at a time e.g. this and the Academic Excellence Scholarship?
A. Yes, unless the other scholarship in question has criteria that does not allow this. If in doubt, please get in touch with us.
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Q. I'm applying for a HND or foundation year. Will I be eligible?
A. Yes. This scholarship is for students on any undergraduate or postgraduate programme.

Q. Do I need to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Roehampton before I can receive this scholarship?
A. Yes. You must apply for a degree with us and accept an offer of study to allow you to be awarded a scholarship, which will be paid when you enrol, in installments.

Q. I am eligible for overseas fees. Am I able to apply for this?
A. Yes. This scholarship is open to UK and international students.

Q: Who is eligible for the Roehampton Women in Esports Scholarship
A: Anyone who identifies as a woman is eligible for the Roehampton Women in Esports Scholarship. Students need to be undergraduate or postgraduate students at the University of Roehampton.

Q: What is the Esports Arena?
A: The Esports Arena is a dedicated space for our students and esports athletes to practice and socialise together. The room has twenty high-specification PCs. The room is equipped with high specification monitors, lightweight mice and other top-tier peripherals powered by Zowie. The room also has a dedicated streaming station so students can live stream their gameplay on Twitch and Youtube.

Q: What are the main games?
A: Currently Roehampton Esports focuses on League of Legends, Overwatch and Counter Strike:Global Offensive. We’re looking to add more titles in the future and if any players are particularly good at a specific game we will fully support them.

Q: Are you doing anything to support student welfare?
A: Yes. We’re working together with our Welfare team to guarantee the welfare & wellbeing of our players.

Q: What are other benefits of the Arena?
A: The Arena isn’t just for gaming. We’ll be hosting training sessions for students who want to be coaches, analysts, casters and team leaders. We’re offering our students the ability to learn how to livestream on Twitch as well as create content for Youtube. Esports industry isn’t just about the professional players and we’re going to support our students who want to venture into other areas of esports.

Q: Do I have to be a certain level to apply?
A: Yes and no. The minimum requirements for major games are listed in the application tab. If you’re close to the minimum requirements but haven’t reached them yet and you have other achievements you should still consider applying. For example, if you’re a Platinum 3 player in League of Legends (minimum requirement for League of Legends is Diamond), but you have big following on Twitch, then you should still apply for the scholarship.

Q: What will I be required to do if I get the scholarship?
A: All of the Esports Scholarship applicants will be required to attend practice session and compete under Roehampton Esports name. Candidates will also be asked to help broaden the reach of Roehampton Esports by streaming, creating original content for Youtube, writing news articles or any other preferred method.

Q: How many scholarships are available?
A: There are up to 20 scholarships available each year.