Sustainable Engineering and Technology

Pioneering excellence in Sustainable Built Environment Education. Where students are taught in an environment which reflects the real world.

Welcome to sustainable engineering and technology at the University of Roehampton. With a focus on the built environment, we offer an experience like no other to:

  • Shape the engineering and built environment education landscape with our commitment to high quality industry and academic collaboration.
  • Provide a world-class educational experience, with integration across disciplinary boundaries.
  • Empower students with an immersive, project-based learning environment across all facets of the built environment.
  • Develop graduates who are not only well-prepared for industry challenges but also champions of sustainability.
Introducing sustainable engineering and technology
Meet Lilian da Silva | Lecturer in Architectural Technology


£3,000 scholarship for all overseas fee-paying students

For the September 2024 entry, we are offering a scholarship of £3,000 for all overseas fee-paying students applying for one of the new Engineering and Technology Undergraduate courses listed:

  • Architectural Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Management

The scholarship will be awarded for year 1 of study only.

This award can be combined with other Roehampton scholarships or discounts in year 1 of study, up to a maximum of £4,000.

If you are eligible for two scholarships or discounts, the value awarded will be capped at £4,000 for year 1. Any scholarship amounts awarded in year 2 or 3 of study will be unaffected.

*Available to students from outside the UK who have overseas fee status.These scholarships are only available to current students at the University of Roehampton.

We reserve the right to adjust the value, volume and eligibility criteria of our scholarship and bursary programmes.

All scholarships offered by Roehampton are awarded based on you completing the year of study for which they are granted. If you withdraw or interrupt your studies during the course of an academic year, you will only be entitled to the proportion of scholarship that relates to the period that you have completed, and will become liable for any tuition fee shortfall as a result.

Visualisations of the brand-new sustainable engineering and technology building.

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Education for the future

The University of Roehampton is at the forefront of shaping the future of education in the built environment. Our dynamic and broad interdisciplinary curriculum is designed for your skills to align with industry demands, with a focus on the green skills crucial for the journey to Net Zero. In collaboration with industry partners, and other key stakeholders, we are committed to addressing the skills gap, while nurturing the next generation of leaders in sustainability.

Programmes that make a difference

Our programmes are designed to address global skills needs, as well as the needs of national and regional employers, and meet the standards of professional bodies.

We provide a range of short courses, technical qualifications, and higher and degree apprenticeships that will support your career aspirations.

The University also provides essential retraining and upskilling opportunities for the existing workforce through our short courses. Our curriculum is designed to be flexible, offering multiple entry and exit points within a cohesive modular framework, allowing you to accumulate credits as they progress.

Industry collaboration

We are establishing strong partnerships with local employers guided by our Industry Advisory Board to develop courses that deliver job-ready graduates. Alongside higher education, a breadth of other industry focused courses will upskill the existing workforce to meet the challenges of tomorrow. If you'd like further information about our industry partnerships, please email Eleanor Merrick at