Study Abroad Catalogue


We are delighted that you have chosen to consider the University of Roehampton as your Study Abroad destination!

This catalogue provides a comprehensive overview of the modules available to Study Abroad students in every subject offered at Roehampton. Please read the guidance below to make the best possible use of the Module Catalogue. If you have any questions about the contents of the catalogue, please email

This Module Catalogue is designed to assist your academic planning. Roehampton is unable to guarantee the availability or capacity of any specific module. Modules in this catalogue may be withdrawn or amended at any time.

Most modules in this catalogue are worth 20 UK credits, though some may be worth 10 or 40 credits. A standard semester credit load at Roehampton is 60 credits. To check the credit value of a module, refer to the three digits in the middle of the module code. For example:

  • ABC010123A = 10 credits
  • XYZ020789S = 20 credits

For guidance on converting UK credits to your home country’s system, please consult with your Study Abroad advisor at your home institution.

When choosing your list of preferred modules from this catalogue, you must ensure that you receive the necessary approval from all relevant staff at your home institution to guarantee that your credits will transfer. If you need to access full syllabi for any of the modules in this catalogue, please email to request this.

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