Meet the Digby Stuart Team

Below you’ll find information on the staff and elected officers that work hard to help run Digby Stuart College. Feel free to contact them with your questions or arrange a meeting with them to discuss any issues related to Digby Stuart, they will be more than happy to help you.

If you have any doubts on who to contact then you can always drop your email to the general college email address at and the right member of staff will get back to you.

College Team - Jackie

Jackie Brown – Head of Digby Stuart College   |   0208 392 3201

Jackie Brown is a Social Scientist with particular interests in Childhood Studies and Disability Studies. She has worked at University of Roehampton teaching students on the Sociology Programme for over ten years. Representing Social Sciences on committees across the University, Jackie has always been a keen advocate for students and has worked towards creating an inclusive, accessible learning and teaching environment. Along with her duties as Head of Digby Stuart College, Jackie retains her links with the Department of Social Sciences through her teaching and acting as Chair of the Student Experience Advisory Group.

College Team - Jonathan

Jonathan Carter – College Life Development Officer   |   0208 392 3217

Jonathan is the point of contact for internal and external enquiries on all College-related matters as well as organising College events, supporting flat reps, the Chaplaincy and the rest of the College team. He is Secretary to the Digby Stuart Liaison Group, the College Forum and the Digby Stuart Association as well as chairing the Student Union Council. Jonathan has a BA (Hons) in Education from Roehampton and has worked for the Students’ Union and the Dept. of Student Experience before taking on this role. Jonathan is keen to foster a challenging yet friendly ethos amongst students and believes that play is key to our personal development. He is a keen footballer, basketball player and loves to travel.

Nicola Hallam

Nicola Hallam – Student Welfare Officer   |   0208 392 3204

Student Welfare Officers are members of staff whom students can call on if they have any questions or anxieties about university life. They can also provide an informal listening ear for anyone who would like to talk to a member of staff in confidence. Student Welfare Officers keep up to date with many services both inside and outside of the university and can often provide information or guidance on a wide range of problems and issues including access to counselling, financial difficulties and worries about home.

College Team - Ginny

Ginny Jordan – Chaplaincy Coordinator   |   0208 392 3216

Ginny’s work includes running a diverse, weekly programme for both students and staff, with a special focus on community building, peace and justice, and prayer. Some of the highlights are the weekly Fairtrade lunches and the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes with HCPT: the pilgrimage trust. Ginny has a particular interest in pastoral care and bringing together women from different faiths to share life experiences. She is also the administrator for the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies programme, and can whip up a decent batch of chocolate chip muffins. Ginny's varied interests include feminist theology, with a particular focus on how women are interpreted and portrayed within the Bible.

Student Elected Officers:

The student elected officers are elected by the students of Roehampton to represent them and be their voice to help build and develop the community at Digby Stuart in partnership with the RSU and College staff.


Michael Keohane – College President

As President, Michael is here to help students get involved in events and activities and to provide a link between the students of the college, Roehampton Students Union and staff in the College.


Fizz Lawson – Deputy President

The Digby Stuart Deputy President looks after the social calendar of the College, and is key to leading discussions and developing ideas for social events at the College.


College Wardens

Lauren Brooks

Jacob Sarkisian


Lauren Brooks

Lauren Brooks