Digby Stuart History, Values, Global Connections

Welcome to Digby Stuart College, University of Roehampton. A modern University with an intriguing history!

Digby Stuart College was founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart Sisters (RSCJ) in 1874 as a centre to train and inspire women who would go on to serve in education as teachers and leaders. Its roots and ethos are grounded in a confident and open Catholicism which cherishes the dignity, freedom of conscience and equality of every human person.

Today we are a fully integral College of the University of Roehampton , open to all, which is home to faculty and students specialising in humanities, social sciences , arts and computer and digital creative sectors. Our students come from across the UK, London , South Asia, Africa , EU, US and the world and so do our visitors. The RSCJ Sisters remain key partners of our work , are active in shaping its direction and in addition are active members of the university governing body.

The largest of the University’s colleges Digby Stuart remains committed to the values of open intellectual enquiry, community, social action and principled freedom with a respect for faith and all convictions that inspired our founders. Indeed we are proud to have welcomed Pope Saint John Paul II to have visited, celebrate our diverse student body today and to be part of a global network of RSCJ universities , colleges and schools whose graduates include Lady Gaga, the founder of the paralympics, members of the US Cabinet , Indian educators, and a former President of Ireland. Our lively alumni association gathers those in every walk of life and field of endeavour.

We are also passionate about fun, sports, parties, hard work and enabling all those who study here to get the best start – or restart – in life. Sometimes it can feel ‘late’ to study but it is never too late or too early.

If you are a prospective or current student we want to pro-actively support and welcome you . If you are a parent, carer, spouse or partner with questions we are here to help. If you are reading this message from the universities, foundations, schools, alumni network and global communities with whom our founding and enduring ethos connects we would love to hear from you.

Digby Stuart College: The Utmost For The Highest