Finding your Way Around Southlands


Southlands is located at the north end of the main campus on Roehampton Lane, nearest Barnes station. It is made up of a small quadrangle of buildings, combining student residences, staff offices, modern teaching spaces, faith spaces, concert halls and music practice rooms, a café and diner, and our college social space, The Reef.

Reception and the main teaching spaces, including the Chapman Hall, are found in the Queen’s Building. Here you will find the departments of Faculty of Business and Law and the department of Applied Music Research.

Tips for navigating around Southlands

Rooms in Queen’s Building (QB) and Lakeside (LS) all have numbers (e.g. LS002, QB201). The first number always indicates whether that room is on the ground floor (0), the first floor (1) or the second floor (2).

Each floor in Queen’s Building (QB) has informal study spaces, toilets (accessible toilet on floor 1) and water fountains, and a printer (on floor 0).

For a detailed map of Queen’s Building, click here.