Research Integrity and Ethics Committee

Terms of Reference and Composition for 2021/22


A Chairperson drawn from senior academic staff within the University and appointed by the Vice-Chancellor*
An external member with relevant expertise*
A Postgraduate Research student*
Ethics Representatives 
* subject to annual review by University Senate; terms of office for the external member and Chairperson are limited to up to two terms of three years.

In attendance (non-voting):

Secretary (nominated by the Research Office)
Head of the Research Office and Graduate School
An Independent Member of Council
HR Representative (as required)
Data Protection Officer (as required)
Health and Safety Representative (as required)
Legal Advisor - the Committee may seek independent legal advice on a particular issue under its consideration, in which case a legal advisor may also be invited to attend a Committee meeting. 

Total membership: 10

Terms of Reference

The Research Integrity and Ethics Committee is the University’s senior body with oversight for all matters relating to research ethics and integrity. A Committee of Senate, it oversees the Ethics approval process, deals with relevant strategic and policy matters, and is responsible for compliance and implementation.

The Research Integrity and Ethics Committee shall:

  1. Ensure research and knowledge exchange activity at the University is conducted in accordance with the highest standards of research integrity and ethics in line with sector best practice and legislative requirements
  2. Ensure the development, review, maintenance and implementation of the policies and guidance necessary to maintain those standards of research integrity and ethics
  3. Consider and respond to external developments, including legislation, regulations, professional body guidance, funder regulations, and sector standards, and make recommendations as appropriate
  4. Oversee, and report on, the Ethics approval process, including scrutiny and approval or otherwise of high-risk Ethics applications
  5. Oversee, via annual reports from Schools/Faculties, the Ethics approval process in relation to undergraduate and taught postgraduate degrees
  6. Report to Senate annually on the Committee’s activities

The Research Integrity and Ethics Committee meets twice a semester.

Updated: December 2021