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  • Research/Doctoral Fees for Home/EU Students 2018/19
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  • Research/Doctoral Fees for Home/EU Students 2019/20
  • Research/Doctoral Fees for International Students 2019/20

Research Student Scholarships

The University offers a range of funding opportunities for research students, which include dedicated funding streams and access to funding sources available to other students.

Roehampton PhD scholarship The biology and physics of the most complex form of animal architecture: a study of growth and form of social insect nests

This is a fully funded PhD opportunity for UK or EU nationals who have or will achieve a Master’s degree by the 1st October 2019.
The successful applicant will join the Centre for Research in Ecology Evolution and Behaviour of the University of Roehampton (London, UK) and will receive a stipend of £16,777 per year, for three years.

The tuition fees of £4,260 per year will be covered by the University. Research funds (£14,400) will also be provided to support the direct research costs of the PhD (research travel costs, computer, consumables etc.)

The start date for this position is the 1st October 2019.

Eligibility Conditions and Duties:
We seek candidates with a background in the quantitative sciences (physics, biology, applied mathematics, computer sciences and related scientific areas) and with an interest for the study of self-organisation in biological systems. We accept applications from both experimentally oriented and theoretically oriented candidates.

We encourage all applicants to read the attached document here for more detail on the scholarship including detail on potential research topics and eligibility.

Application Deadline
10th July 2019

The start date for this position is the 1st October 2019.

PhD Supervisors: Dr Andrea Perna, Dr Lewis Halsey.

Application Process:
Expressions of interest, including a CV, should be made to Dr Andrea Perna (andrea.perna@roehampton.ac.uk).
An application will then need to be made through the Roehampton Application Portal once confirmed by Dr Andrea Perna.

Fully-funded PhD studentship - Cross-talk between skeletal muscle and pancreatic β-cells - The contribution of β-cell dysfunction to the progression of type 2 diabetes

The university is now well placed for its next REF submission in 2021 and is aiming to invest in its long-term research culture. Recent grant success within the Sport & Exercise Sciences Research Centre has resulted in a fully-funded Ph.D. studentship being made available in partnership with NHS England Health Innovation Network (SW London), linked with the National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP).

Project Background

Insulin resistance precedes β-cell dysfunction in the progression of type 2 diabetes (T2D) (Stumvoll et al., 2005), and peripheral insulin resistance has received a great deal of scientific attention owing to the glucose storage capacity of skeletal muscle. Despite β-cell failure being a core defect in the transition from prediabetes to diabetes, less research has been conducted assessing in vivo pancreatic β-cell function in humans in comparison with studies of insulin resistance. As both pathological states (peripheral insulin resistance and β-cell dysfunction) influence each other and synergistically exacerbate diabetes, it is important to quantify β-cell function in living humans. One method used in our labs to do this is the disposition index (DI) (Mackenzie et al., 2011; Naufahu et al., 2018), which gives a measure of β-cell function from the relationship between insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion.

Detailed information on the project can be found here.

Full time bursary students are expected to be available for the equivalent of up to 6 hours a week over 40 weeks a year for teaching or teaching-related work. Where the student undertakes teaching or teaching-related work, the time for preparation, marking, and related administration shall be included in those six hours maximum per week. The hours may be deployed in blocks or regularly throughout the 40 weeks depending on opportunities available and what is practical.

The fee waiver is only for Home/EU fees.

For more details, contact Dr Richard Mackenzie (Richard.mackenzie@roehampton.ac.uk; Tel: 020 8392 3562) or Dr Nicholas Hurren (Nicholas.Hurren@roehampton.ac.uk; Tel: 020 8392 4495).

Once you have made contact please apply via the Roehampton online portal https://www.roehampton.ac.uk/graduate-school/degrees/

Deadline: 26th July 2019
Interviews: Week Beginning 5th August 2019

Roehampton PhD Scholarship - 'An investigation into the effects of a high eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) mixed multi-nutrient supplement as a potential support for stress, and anxiety in young adults'

Supervisor(s): Dr Simon Dyall, Dr Leigh Gibson

Project description: The University of Roehampton invites applicants for a PhD studentship jointly funded with Efamol Ltd to begin in October 2019. The studentship will explore the effects of a high eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) multi-nutrient supplement on measures of stress, and anxiety in young adults, a participant group previously neglected in the literature. This study will explore some of the potential mechanisms underlying the effects, and investigate potential subgroups who are most likely to respond to the supplementation.

The effects will be explored using ratings of stress, and anxiety measured using established questionnaires and computer based face recognition tests. Applicants should have a first or upper second class degree in an appropriate discipline, and/or an appropriate Masters degree. Due to the diverse nature of the project, applicants with prior experience in neuroscience, psychology or nutrition are strongly encouraged to apply.

The student will conduct their research under the supervision of Dr Simon Dyall and Dr Leigh Gibson.

Applicants are encouraged to speak with the supervisors prior to applying.

Subject areas: Nutrition, neuroscience, clinical nutrition, psychology

References: Dyall S.C. (2015): Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and the brain: a review of the independent and shared effects of EPA, DPA and DHA. Frontiers in aging neuroscience 7, 52

Application Enquiries: Informal enquiries are advised and should be directed to Dr Simon Dyall (Simon.Dyall@roehampton.ac.uk)
Once you have made an informal enquiry with Simon, all applications must go via the Roehampton admissions portal, the link can be found here https://www.roehampton.ac.uk/graduate-school/degrees/

Deadline: July 22nd 2019

Department of English and Creative Writing and the National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature (NCRCL)

We are pleased to announce that the current round of applications for our annual scholarships in children’s literature is open (studies commencing October 2019).

TECHNE AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership 2019

We invite applications from outstanding candidates for our TECHNE AHRC doctoral studentships. Studentships are awarded in departments across the university, but the NCRCL will consider applications for projects related to children’s literature or creative writing for children. Projects drawing on our archival holdings—such as the Richmal Crompton archive—will be especially welcome. For more information and details of how to apply, please see our Graduate School pages:


Postgraduate Research Studentships – Jacqueline Wilson Scholarship 2019

In addition to TECHNE studentships, we will award our annual Jacqueline Wilson Scholarship to a candidate of the highest calibre. Applicants for TECHNE awards will be considered automatically for the Jacqueline Wilson Scholarship, so please apply for a TECHNE studentship in the first instance. Candidates who do not secure TECHNE funding will be eligible to compete for the Jacqueline Wilson Scholarship—you do not need to apply separately.

Please note that although TECHNE funding can be secured by students who have already started their doctoral studies, the Jacqueline Wilson Scholarship is only open to new applicants.

Fully-funded by the University of Roehampton, Department of English and Creative Writing.

Covers Home/EU fees of £4,260, as well as an annual stipend at current Research Council rates (£16,777.00.p.a. for 3 years full-time subject to satisfactory progress). 

For more details on the scholarship and how to apply please view the document here.

AHRC TECHNE Studentships

The University of Roehampton is pleased to be a member of technē, a consortium of nine institutions in London and the South-East that form an AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). The technē consortium will fund 57 studentships per year over five years (2019-24), for outstanding Arts and Humanities postgraduate researchers across the partner institutions.

technē is comprised of nine academic partner institutions: Royal Holloway University of London (co-ordinator), University of Roehampton, Brighton University, Kingston University, University of Surrey, University of the Arts London, University of Westminster, Brunel University and Loughborough University, London; and fifteen cultural partner organisations. Please visit technē to find out more about the aims and opportunities of the consortium.

Applications for 2019/20 are now invited.

TECHNE/AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Awards 2019/20


ESRC SeNSS Studentships

The University of Roehampton is pleased to be part of the South-east Network for Social Sciences (SeNSS), a consortium of 10 universities working as a Doctoral Training Partnership to offer Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) studentships. Roehampton is working in two pathways - education and social anthropology.

Applications for 2019/20 October 2019 start are now open, please click on the above to find out details and how to apply

Higher Education Scholarship Palestine (HESPAL)

British Council funded HESPAL aims to help create the next generation of senior academics who can maintain international quality standards at Palestinian universities and to develop renewed, sustainable links between Palestinian and UK universities. The Scheme will upgrade academic staff in Palestinian universities through a PhD Scholarship programme. 13 PhD scholarships are awarded to candidates in Palestinian universities in the West Bank and Gaza.

Applications for 2018/19 are now open.

For more details on the scholarship and how to apply please view the document here.

Alumni Scholarship

All UK, EU and international alumni holding a full Roehampton undergraduate degree or postgraduate qualification and those who studied here on an exchange/study abroad programme who wish to return to the University of Roehampton to take a higher programme of study. This applies a 20% discount to your tuition fees. You do not need to apply for this scholarship; your eligibility will be assessed automatically.

International PhD Students

International students are not excluded from the University's scholarship awards, although you may be required to pay the difference between the 'home/EU' and 'overseas' student fee rates. Visit the International Students website for more information on financing your studies in the UK.


Santander Ede & Ravenscroft grants

Santander and Ede & Ravenscroft have both awarded a number of grants to research students, to support their research work. The Graduate School holds a single competition each year to allocate these grants. The 2018 competition is now open, if you have received either Ede and Ravenscroft or Santander funding before whilst studying for your doctoral award, you are not eligible to apply again for this funding.’

We are holding a single competition to allocate these grants, with a single application form incorporating all criteria, keeping the combined processes of applying for and awarding the grants as simple as possible.

Deadline: Applications are currently closed, please look out for when the new competition will be open.

The application form can be found via this link Santander and Ede & Ravenscroft application. More information can be found here