SeNSS (ESRC) Studentships

The University of Roehampton is pleased to be part of the South-east Network for Social Sciences (SeNSS), a consortium of 10 universities working as a Doctoral Training Partnership to offer Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) studentships.

Candidates can apply through Roehampton for SeNSS studentships in two pathways - education and social anthropology.  

Applications for 2022/23 are now invited.

Fully Funded Doctoral Studentships & Maintenance Stipend

£17,609 for maintenance and fees covered.

Eligibility for ESRC funding

You must ensure that you fulfil all three eligibility criteria set up by the ESRC. These are:

  • Academic: for 1+3 awards (Masters plus PhD) you must have gained a 2.1 at least in your bachelor's degree; for +3 (PhD-only) awards you must be in possession of a relevant, and ESRC-recognised, Master's degree.
  • Residency: UK, EU and international students are eligible for a full award (fees plus annual stipend). If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact
  • We ask that students visit the SeNSS website for a description on who is eligible for an award.
  • Discipline: ESRC funding at Roehampton is available only for the pathways listed above; research topics which do not fall under these areas are not eligible for ESRC funding. 

More advice on ESRC eligibility criteria can be obtained from the relevant academic lead, or

Please also consult the ESRC Postgraduate Funding Guide, for further information on the different levels of funding available and the associated terms and conditions.

Examples of current research in Education

TastEd sensory education intervention

With the current increase in childhood obesity and associated health issues, including very low folic acid levels in half of teenage girls, especially in lower-income [more deprived] households, this research study, supervised by Prof. Abrahams (School of Education) and Dr Leigh Gibson (School of Psychology) will evaluate the effectiveness of a 12-session sensory education intervention (“TastEd”) designed to promote awareness and increase acceptance of seasonal, affordable, and easily accessible, fruit and vegetables. TastEd can be incorporated into school lessons and involves tasting, smelling, handling, preparation, and eating of fruit and vegetables as well as increasing general nutritional knowledge. The study, involving primary school children in more deprived areas of London, will measure changes in terms of children’s liking of, and willingness to try, a pre-agreed selection of both familiar and unfamiliar fruit and vegetables, as well as changes in the quantity of fruit and vegetable consumption in the home setting. Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in children has the potential to reduce obesity risk by diluting the energy density of the diet, as well as promoting more environmentally sustainable plant-based foods in the diet of the whole family. In addition, the study will include anthropometric measures pre- and post-intervention and at 3-month follow-up, allowing assessment of any changes in standardised body mass index (zBMI) and waist circumference. Further, to monitor feasibility of intervention in the school setting, process evaluation will be conducted using quantitative and qualitative assessments. A growing political awareness of obesity issues in young children, highlighted by the greater risks of Covid-19 associated with such children (, coupled with a need for habitual diet to be more plant-based, which could resolve the potentially catastrophic effect of low folic acid on future offspring of these children, make this study both timely and much needed with the potential for national impact.

Application Process

Prospective or eligible current doctoral students AND prospective Masters plus PhD students who would like to apply for a SeNSS studentship at Roehampton must do so via the SeNSS online application system, HEIApply. Roehampton will be notified of your application automatically via HEIApply. You will also need to complete the Roehampton online application.

Your application will then go through a two-stage process:

  1. The University of Roehampton will review your application and consider whether to offer you a place to study at Roehampton. At the same time, Roehampton will consider whether to progress your application through the SeNSS selection process.
  2. If it is considered that your application should be progressed, an internal panel will review your application and consider whether to progress your application to the external review stage of the process. If it is progressed to the external review phase, a panel of SeNSS members subject specialists will review your application and decide whether you should be awarded funding.

At the same time as completing your application online, via HEIApply, you should also make contact with the relevant Pathway Lead to talk informally about your proposed research, what supervision is available, and your eligibility for SeNSS. If you are a 1+3 candidate, you will also discuss eligible Masters programmes. Collaborative proposals (with a partner organisation) can be considered.


You are required to have made contact with the relevant department to express your interest in a SeNSS studentship and to have begun both the SeNSS and Roehampton online applications by 1 December 2021

Completed Roehampton applications must be received by 12pm Monday 4th January 2022. Interviews will take place over the following two weeks.

Following the interview process, you will have an opportunity to discuss and refine your application and update it on HEIApply.

Your SeNSS application must then be submitted on HEIApply by Monday 25th January, 2022.

You will be advised whether your application is going forward to SeNSS’s Final Selection Panel by 14th February. Studentship awards are likely to be made by end April 2022.

How to Apply

Roehampton online application - Details of how to apply via the Roehampton online application can be found here.

HEIApply online application here.


Should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at