Research and Knowledge Exchange Centres

Our research and knowledge exchange centres are committed to developing our understanding of the disciplines on which they are focused.  

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Each centre works with local businesses, civic partners and policy makers to develop opportunities for knowledge exchange.   

They also help us to build an exciting research culture for our staff and students.  

Discover our centres:

Centre for Inclusive Humanities

The Centre brings together researchers from philosophy, theology, religious studies, literature, history and classics.

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Centre for Research in Psychological Wellbeing

The Centre works to improve our understanding of factors that influence health, mental health, and wellbeing. 

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Centre for Integrated Research in Life and Health Sciences

The centre promotes the key factors that support healthy living and tackle health inequalities.

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Centre for Equality, Justice and Social Change

The centre explores and promotes social justice in relation to inequalities, prejudice and social trends in diversesocieties. 

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Centre for Research in Arts and Creative Exchange 

The centre promotes the value of creativity and the arts by providing a space of inquiry, practice and collaboration to advance social and political change. 

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Centre for Sustainability and Responsible Management

The centre will build interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability and CSR issues that help to build sustainable organisations and enterprises that are effective, ethical and promote equity. 

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Centre for Learning, Teaching and Human Development

The centre will enhance educational outcomes associated with effective lifelong learning that lead to creative, inclusive and healthier societies, in collaboration with educators and policymakers.  

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