Centre for Research in Arts and Creative Exchange


The Centre for Research in Arts and Creative Exchange (CRACE) is a world-leading multidisciplinary hub to develop impactful research, engagement and knowledge exchange with, for and alongside communities, cultural and creative partners and allied organisations that is focused on arts and creative industry practices. We work through and on arts and creative practices at a local level, nationally and internationally.

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CRACE is a dynamic place for researchers to develop and rigorously nurture their craft professionally. It is a hub for experts in arts and creative practices at all stages of their career, whether world-leading, nationally recognised, or emerging leaders of the future. With diverse approaches to research, CRACE advocates for understanding the world through different perspectives and recognises the value that the arts and creative industries brings to our understanding of ourselves and the societies in which we live.  

In acknowledging that the arts and creative practices can be of value, CRACE is clear that research does not exist solely for the academic community. We have a responsibility to the industries and sectors locally, nationally, and internationally that give inspiration to, and come into dialogue with, our research and knowledge exchange, as well as with our students. In creative exchange with sector and industry organisations, CRACE aims to be a supportive player in the arts and creative industries ecosystem, offering its skills, understanding, and institutional capacity to the development of knowledge, creativity, and innovation.

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For general enquiries or specific requests about working with the Centre, please contact the director: sara.houston@roehampton.ac.uk

If you are interested in doctoral or post-doctoral research with the Centre, please contact: Alexandra.Kolb@roehampton.ac.uk
For more general enquiries about research study at Roehampton, please contact the Graduate School: graduateschool@roehampton.ac.uk.



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Integrating the creative dynamism of arts and digital industries with the deep-rooted traditions of humanities and social sciences.

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