Support and preparation for university

  • Prepare for university on London's only parkland campus
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Engaging courses to ensure your continued academic success

We offer pre-sessional intensive language courses that help you develop your academic English language skills.

We also offer English language support for undergraduates and for postgraduates, to ensure you are able to maximise your studies with us.

Studying in London

Studying in London means you will be in the heart of one of the world's leading global cities.

It is the UK centre for education, commerce, entertainment, fashion, finance, media, professional services, tourism and transport, providing you with a wealth of opportunities to experience while studying.

The capital has an extremely diverse range of people, religions and cultures, meaning no matter where you are from there is a place for you in London.

More than 300 languages are spoken in the city and foods from around the globe are enjoyed at restaurants, cafes and pubs.
It is the largest city in the European Union and home to 100 of Europe's top international companies.

London has unmatched resources including art galleries, theatres and one of the largest concentrations of museums in the world.

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