International payments

Bank transfer payments

You can make payments to the University of Roehampton using the Western Union Business Solutions Bank to Bank Transfer Service avoiding the fluctuating exchange rates and bank charges of an international bank transfer.

By using the Western Union Business Solutions Service, you can pay:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • International Student deposits

Benefits of using this service:

  • Obtain a guaranteed exchange rate for a period of up to 72 hours to provide to your bank to make the payment
  • Pay fees in your own currency – so you know the exact cost of your course fee
  • Be sure that 100% of the funds transferred reach the University and that no expensive bank charges are deducted
  • Be sure that the payment can be easily identified and allocated by the University, giving you peace of mind
  • Know it is a secure and quick way to make the transfer, ensuring that the University receives the payment promptly
  • No additional charges for using this service are levied by the University or Western Union Business Solutions. By using this service you avoid or significantly reduce the costs incurred making international payments

Click here to make a payment through Western Union Business Solutions Bank to Bank Transfer Service.

Paying by Bank Transfer directly to the University bank account

If you would like to make a payment directly to the University Bank account you MUST ensure that the student’s full name and student ID are included as transfer reference. This is what we will use to identify the payment and allocate it to the student account.

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