Visas and Immigration

At Roehampton our UKVI Compliance Team offer support and assistance to our international students going through the visa application process.

What we can help with:

  • 1-2-1 appointments
  • Email advice to prospective students who are undergoing the visa application process.
  • Updates on immigration rule changes that could affect students
  • Workshops and guidance for continuing students throughout the visa renewal process.

This page will explain the services we offer as well as a basic guide to applying for a Tier 4 student visa, however please note that it is your responsibility to make sure you fully understand and meet the UK immigration requirements. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site; however you are still required to refer to the information provided by Home Office and should note that it overrides any other immigration information you may read on these webpages.

Please note that the University only accepts applications for study through official routes (see our How to Apply page for details). Those students requiring a Tier 4 visa will receive information regarding applying for their CAS and Visa once their offer has been made unconditional by our admissions team and the applicant has accepted the offer. If you have any questions please contact

On this page you can find information on:

Applying for a student visa

The following sections are designed to provide information on the UK visa system and what you need to know in order to make an application to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).  In order to ensure you have the most up to date information please visit the UK Visas and Immigration website. The procedures you need to follow vary depending on which country you are applying from, so please ensure you check the UKVI website before submitting your application.

What is the Points Based System?

The Points Based System (PBS) is the UK system for managing migration for those outside the European Economic Area wishing to enter the UK for the purpose of study. To make a Tier 4 (General) student visa application under the Points Based System you are required to score 40 points. Your 40 points will be based on the following: having a valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number from the University of Roehampton and the documents used to obtain this (30 points); and evidence confirming that you have enough money to cover your tuition fees for the first year and living costs (also referred to as maintenance) (10 points).

What is a CAS and how do I get one?

A CAS is a unique reference number that is issued by UKVI and sent to you by the University of Roehampton. Students are required to state the CAS number when applying for a Tier 4 (General) visa. A CAS is an electronic document which the University sends to successful applicants once they have met all conditions of their offer (if applicable) and:

You will then receive your CAS statement in an email to the correspondence email address that you have supplied to us; we do not send this to you in the post. The statement will contain your unique CAS number which you will be asked to provide to UKVI as part of your visa application. All the information contained in this document is extremely important, so you must check that it is all correct and up to date. Incorrect information could lead to your application being refused or delayed so it is essential that you check the CAS statement carefully.

Please note that the Tier 4 (General) visa you receive will be valid for the University of Roehampton only and cannot be used for any other institution. If you decide to leave Roehampton and change institutions, you will require a new CAS from your new institution to apply for a new visa.

How do I apply for my student visa?

To apply for your visa, you can obtain assistance from one of our approved education representatives/agents (A list of our approved education agents in each country is on the relevant country page on our website at otherwise you can apply yourself by carefully following guidance on the UKVI website.

Make sure you submit all the required documents with your application. Please make sure they are original documents and follow the specified UKVI requirements. If you do not follow the requirements set out, your visa application will be refused and you will not have an opportunity to submit any other documents at a later stage.

Note: You cannot apply for your visa more than 3 months before the start of your course. For example, if your course start date is 22 September, you should apply for your visa after the 22 June or you will receive a visa refusal. Please note your CAS is only valid for 6 months and will expire if not used at the end of this period.

How much money do I need?

All Tier 4 (General) Visa applicants must show that they have enough money to pay their course fees and living costs in the UK. The amount of money that you will need to have for your course fees and your maintenance will depend on:

  • The course duration, and
  • Where you will be studying in the UK.

Course fees

You must have enough money to pay the course fees for the first year of your course, or the entire course if it is less than one year in duration. Your CAS will state the fees that you will be required to pay. Any scholarships that have been awarded to you from the University of Roehampton will be deducted from the course fees amount on your CAS. UKVI will use the details on your CAS to determine how much money you need to show for your course fees.

If you do not need to pay any course fees to your Tier 4 sponsor, your CAS will state that there are no fees due. For example, if you are applying to come to the UK as part of a 'study abroad' programme, and you have paid all of your course fees to your home institution, this will be confirmed in your CAS.

If you are a fully funded student, for example sponsored by your national government, your CAS will state your full course fees and you will use your government sponsorship letter as proof of funds.


Your accommodation and living costs are called 'maintenance'. In addition to your course fees, you must have a fixed amount of money to cover your maintenance.

You will need £1,265 for each month of your course, up to a maximum of nine months. This means that for a course lasting nine months or more, the minimum amount that you will need to show as evidence for maintenance is £11,385.

In all cases, part months are rounded up to the end of that month.

If you are a fully funded student, for example sponsored by your national government, you need to provide a letter from your financial sponsor in which they confirm that they will pay for your tuition fees and living costs.

If you are partly funded, you need a letter from your sponsor which states details of the costs they are paying for, but you also need to show, through bank statements, loans, letter from your bank or a regulated financial institution, that you can meet the remainder of the amount set out in the policy guidance.

What financial documents should I include?

Evidence of your tuition and maintenance must meet specific UKVI requirements. If it does not, your visa application may be refused. To ensure you have the most up to date information, please check the latest UKVI guidance before submitting your visa application.

As evidence of your money, you must use:

  • personal bank or building society statements, or
  • building society passbook, or
  • certificate of deposit, or
  • letter from your bank confirming your funds, or
  • letter from a regulated financial institution confirming your money or loan, or
  • letter from your national government confirming a loan.

Immigration Health Surcharge

New regulations came into force from 6th April 2015 which means that if you are applying for a student visa for more than six months you must pay an additonal fee to entiltle you to free health care under the National Health Service. The charge is £150 a year for the duration of your visa. You will be asked to pay the charge as part of the visa application process.

Visa interviews

A student applying for a Tier 4 (General) visa may be asked to undertake a credibility interview with an official in the UK, via video-conferencing, when they submit their biometric details. Please note that if you are asked to interview but do not attend (and there is no reasonable explanation), your application will be refused.

The officer will question you about your reasons for studying in the UK – including questions about your course, university and intentions of study; your background and immigration history; about your previous education; and/or about your financial circumstances. The 5 – 10 minute interview will be conducted in English and provide assurance that the English language requirements of the Tier 4 rules are met. For more information, please see the Home Office Entry clearance guidance for Tier 4 interviews.

A report of the interview will be used as an additional piece of information that will be considered by the entry clearance officer, alongside your visa application and supporting documents. If the visa officer needs to examine wider genuine student rule points then they may call you for a more in-depth interview.

Where an application has been refused following an interview, the applicant can request that an Entry Clearance Manager (ECM) reviews the decision. The applicant has 28 days from the date of the refusal notice to submit a request for an Administrative Review.

What do I do if my visa gets rejected?

We hope that these guidelines will assist in obtaining a visa. If you feel your application was wrongly rejected however, please contact us immediately by email ( so that we can investigate why this has happened. We would need a copy (scanned) of the rejection letter from the Entry Clearance Officer and will do everything we can to help if we feel an error has been made. You can also refer to the immigration problems webpage for more information about visa refusals.

Student Visitor visa

If you are coming to the UK to study for 6 months or less, you may have the option to apply for a Student Visitor Visa. A Student Visitor visa is only usually applicable to students participating in an undergraduate one-semester study abroad programme, but could also be an option for any other participant of a short-term programme less than 6 months.

For more information about this please check the Student Visitor Visa page of this website.

Contact the Immigration and Compliance Team


Further information and useful resources

Please note, this section has links to external resources which you may find helpful. We haven't written the content on any of the pages, so we can't take responsibility for them. Our students have told us they are useful, but if you have any questions about anything you read please contact us at

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