Student visa holder responsibilities while in the UK

Your Student visa immigration permission will be subject to certain conditions. A breach of these conditions can have serious consequences for both your current Student visa leave and any future immigration applications. 

Each of the sections below describes what is required when you arrive at Roehampton University and during your study. This includes expectations around your on-campus attendance and engagement with your studies.

Roehampton University is required to see the originals and keep copies of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • 30 day travel vignette
  • Visa/BRP
  • English language proof (if applicable)
  • Qualifications listed on your CAS

You must be able to provide these documents at enrolment. If you are not able to do so, you will not be able to start your studies.

If you are unable to enrol within the set enrolment period, we must report this to UKVI. It is therefore important that you keep us updated if you cannot enrol before your start date for whatever reason. If you request a later enrolment date, we will consider whether you will still have sufficient time on your visa to complete your studies. If we do not think that you will have sufficient time to complete your studies, we will not allow you to enrol and your sponsorship will be withdrawn.

You are required to provide us with your UK contact details (address, mobile) and keep them up to date on the Student Portal should you change them.

You should also keep your contact details up to date with the Home Office:

UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) expects you to remain engaged with study for the duration of your programme and meet all programme requirements, as expected. Your Student visa status is dependent on your continued full-time study on your programme. This means you are required to fully attend all lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical classes and engage on your programme. Failure to comply can lead your visa being withdrawn.

We monitor your attendance throughout the year through the electronic attendance monitoring system (AMS).

There are 3 (UG) or 4 (PGT and PGR) mandatory attendance verification sessions in addition to your general attendance responsibilities, you will receive an e-mail confirming when you are required to attend these sessions.

If your attendance is poor and concerns are raised regarding your absences, you will be sent written warnings. If concerns remain, you may be withdrawn and University sponsorship of your visa will be cancelled. This will normally lead to your visa being curtailed by the Home Office and you will be required to return to your home country.

You must use the AMS portal to log any absences.

Inform the UKVI Compliance Team and your academics in advance if you think you might need to be absent for more than one week during term-time due to unforeseen circumstances.

For absences due to sickness lasting more than seven consecutive days, students on a Student visa should submit a medical note from a registered medical practitioner and send it to

Students studying on a Student visa may request an authorised absence from the UKVI Compliance team for absences lasting longer than 7 days. This will be discussed with the department and only approved if it is unavoidable and will not adversely affect academic progress. Acceptable reasons for authorised absence include health problems, bereavement and serious personal difficulties.

We encourage all students to live within a commutable distance of the University. We also have plenty of on-campus accommodation options available, including some of the most affordable university campus bedrooms in London. Apply here.

You must check your University email account regularly as we use this to contact you during your studies.

The University is required to inform UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) of any changes to your student record. This includes changing your programme, resits/ repeats of study, suspending or withdrawing from your studies or leaving the UK before the end of your programme.

These changes may affect your Student visa; therefore, you should discuss your options with the UKVI Compliance Team and your Department before making any decisions.

Further information about these processes and procedures can be found on the Student Portal

If your immigration category changes and you no longer hold or require a Student visa, you must bring your passport and new visa to us as soon as possible so that records can be updated.

As a Student visa student, you must not work more than the maximum number of hours allowed by your visa. You must not work beyond your allowed working hours or do any prohibited work. Breaking of working rights can result in cancellation of your visa, fines and/or a ban on entry to the UK and so it is imperative that you ensure that you do not breach your working rights.

Further information on student working is included here.

The conditions of your Student visa prohibit you from receiving any public funds (benefit) from the UK Government. If you apply for any benefit you do not qualify for, you will be breaching the conditions of your visa. This may affect any future visa applications.

Some nationals are required to register with the police as part of their visa conditions. For further information about this please see here.

You must comply with any conditions specified on your visa. If you have further queries regarding your Student visa status, you can contact the UKVI Compliance Team at