Academic Timetables

Image -  Academic Timetables

Step 1: Access your Timetable

Go to Nest and log in using the Roehampton IT credentials you used to access online enrolment.

Click on the Teaching Timetable section on the right-hand side of the screen. Here is a video guide if you need help finding your timetable:

Where is my timetable? (

Step 2: Accessing your online teaching from overseas via Moodle (your Virtual Learning Environment)

Your Faculty or School may have organised online sessions for international students who are currently unable to attend in person.

From Nest, click on the Moodle link under 'Quick Links'.

There is another helpful video here if you are unsure:

Thu Mar 11 2021 17:49:42 (

Please be aware it refers to an old module, not one you have this term, but it will tell you how to access the online sessions.

Further Queries

If you have further queries, you can contact the Nest team via online chat.