Accommodation for new students joining us in September

Moving in

Undergraduate students will be encouraged to arrive between 13-19 September 2021. Postgraduate students can arrive from 22 September, or 15 September if you need to isolate on arrival. Please check these pages for any changes, and also for arrangements affecting international students who are required to self-isolate on arrival.


  • Students who have applied for halls of residence will be contacted with details of the move-in process shortly. You will need to book a moving in date before coming to campus.
  • Students moving into halls must be accompanied by no more than two adults.
  • Students and their visitors will be able to make use of campus and campus facilities before and after their move in slot.
  • Students moving into halls will be provided with information ahead of time about moving into halls, health and safety and coronavirus safety. Online training is also sent out to students moving into halls of residence on their arrival.
  • Any student required to self-isolate, regardless of when they arrive, will not be charged for the isolation period of their accommodation occupancy. Any refund will be processed during the first term.
  • Students will be able to use kitchens and socialise with their flat mates as they become a household
  • If someone in a flat becomes unwell the University will support all those who become ill or who are in contact with someone with suspected coronavirus.

International students

  • Students who are required to self-isolate may be required to move into temporary halls of residence for the full duration of their self-isolation before moving into their permanent halls of residence. · Please see the International Students welcome page for arrival details.
  • The requirements to self-isolate can change on a daily basis. A daily review of students moving into halls from overseas and their current self-isolate requirements will be undertaken.

Further information

For further information please contact: 

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