Welcome to Froebel College

From Simon Dorman, Head of Froebel College

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I would like to extend a warm welcome to Froebel College and hearty congratulations on obtaining a place here at the University of Roehampton! 

Froebel is one of the four Colleges that make up the University of Roehampton campus. Founded as the ‘Froebel Educational Institute’ in 1892 and is one of the oldest higher education establishments in the UK. 

Please look at the Colllege's main webpage for more details of what college life has to offer.

Froebel College began as a teacher training provider and the focus on education continues to this day, with the School of Education being a major part of the campus. Roehampton's dance courses are also located in Froebel, with superb facilities and modern dance studios. Aside from academia, we are home to Roehampton’s Student Union, Union Bar and the newly expanded Gym Roehampton, run by Nuffield. 

The College system at Roehampton is one of its most distinctive features and offers a range of social opportunities and welfare support that really set us apart from other non-collegiate universities. We have a rich history and ethos and we are keen to ensure you quickly become part of the Froebel community. You will be welcomed to a very friendly college with a range of events and social activities that will ensure you make friends and feel supported throughout your time at university. 

Do remember to join and follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts to keep up-to-date with Froebel College news and events: 

Join our group on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/Froebelcollege 

Instagram: @froebelcollege  

If you have any queries relating to college life and activities, get in touch with Jonathan Miller, our College Life Development Officer by emailing Jonathan.Miller@roehampton.ac.uk or calling him on 020 8392 3836. 

I am delighted that you are now a member of Froebel College, and I’m sure that your time with us will be a life-changing and positive experience. 

Best wishes and good luck! 

Simon Dorman
Head of Froebel College