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Welcome and Support Centre

The Welcome Centre and Support Centre in Elm Grove have a range of services to help support the needs of our students. The Enquiries Team are based in the Welcome Centre and they can help support current students with status letters, student oyster cards, council tax letter requests and can also signpost you to relevant services.

020 8392 3100

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Security (24 hours)

If an emergency takes place on campus, please call the Security team. All Roehampton Security Officers are first aid trained and first aid boxes are in place. The Security Officer will assess the situation and decide the best course of action.

020 8392 3333


Each College has a Student Wellbeing Officer, who is available to provide you with confidential emotional and practical wellbeing support for any difficulty you may have during your studies – bereavement, sexual assault and harassment, mental health difficulties, financial hardship and more.

Digby Stuart College
Nicola Hallam
020 8392 3200

Froebel College
Sophie Cutforth
020 8392 3304

​​Southlands College
Jo Eskdale       
020 8392 3402

Whitelands College
Emily Cookson
020 8392 3502


We provide flexible support services tailored to your needs. We provide information, advice and guidance in a friendly, confidential and supportive environment.​


020 8392 3636


020 8392 3860

On-campus accommodation

For all enquiries relating to on-campus accommodation please contact us on the below details.

020 8392 3166 

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Off-campus accommodation

For all off-campus enquiries (not Spring Mews)

020 8392 3166 

Spring Mews enquiries should be directed to 


If you have any questions or problems regarding completing your enrolment, either online or once you are at Roehampton, one of our team will be more than happy to help you.

020 8392 3845


If you any queries relating to your fees please contact our team.

020 8392 3123


The Library team can help with a range of issues including looking for a particular book/journal, booking rooms for study and subject support. Please contact the team for further information on how they can help you.

020 8392 3770


The chaplaincy team includes representatives of the Jewish and Muslim faiths, as well as Christian chaplains based in the church foundation colleges: Digby Stuart, Southlands and Whitelands. We're here for everyone; students and staff, those of all faiths and none, regardless of college affiliation or faith perspective.

Sport and Active Communities Roehampton

For information on any of our sports clubs, Gym Roehampton membership, Play Roehampton or sports scholarships please contact:

0208 392 3703

Students' Union

From volunteering and societies to elections, great entertainment and much more, RSU provides something for everyone.

Visit Roehampton Students Union.

020 8392 3221

IT and Estates ServiceDesk

If you have any technical problems, please contact ServiceDesk.

You can telephone 020 8392 6000 between 8am -6pm Monday to Friday or by visiting the ServiceDesk portal.


If you are not sure who to speak to, or what their contact number is, please phone the switchboard who will be able to put you through to the correct person.

020 8392 3000