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Hi there!

Welcome to Roehampton! We are the sabbatical officers here at Roehampton Students’ Union, known in short as the RSU. You can find us based on Froebel College.

About the Students' Union

The RSU is a democratic organisation that works to represent all students at the University of Roehampton. Through a number of tailored services, we strive to improve the university experience for all. These include Student Voice, Student Life and Student Support.

Want to stay in the know with what we're doing? Head to www.roehamptonstudent.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates @roehamptonsu. We're always posting about the latest opportunities, events and offers you can get involved with during your time here at Roehampton.


Who's who at the RSU?

Let us introduce ourselves.

My name is Farrah and I'm the RSU president. My role is to lead the elected representatives of the RSU to the university, the National Union of Students, affiliates and external bodies. Overall, I work to represent you!

My name is Oli and I'm the Vice President of Community and Welfare. The main aspects of my role involve supporting students with their mental health and wellbeing and ensuring that every student feels a part of the community at Roehampton. I help to lead and develop the university experience by seeking feedback and representing the views of all students.


Your membership

As a student at the University of Roehampton, you are automatically a member of the Students' Union. You don't need to pay any registration fees to access our services.

As a member, you get all these great perks:

  Access to Society memberships.
  The right to vote in all student elections.
  An inclusive variety of amazing events throughout the year.
  Support from our Academic Advice service
  Exclusive offers and discounts with top brands.
  The opportunity to have your voice heard on your course.
  Bespoke volunteering and leadership development opportunities.

Plus, you have our undying support throughout your university experience. From your induction to your graduation, we are here for you.



Our services

Student Voice

We look to represent your voice here at the University of Roehampton and make changes based on the feedback we receive from the student body. We are held accountable by a team of student part-time officers and a set of full-time sabbatical officers who are appointed during a set of annual springtime elections. We also run a Programme Rep and Department Rep scheme that gives students the opportunity to enact change within their specific courses. Head to www.roehamptonstudent.com/shape_su/ for more on how we support the student voice here at the RSU.


Societies are an ideal way to meet people, get more out of university, learn new skills and more importantly have fun.

Through societies, campaign and peer support groups, the SU empowers students to make change in their communities. All these groups are run by students alongside their studies and provide you with a wide array of opportunities to learn new skills, meet new people and get the most out of your time at Roehampton.

Our societies are open to all, no matter who you are what you're interested in or where you're from, we have something for everyone. Unsure if it's for you? Try it out for two weeks for free before joining - we want to make sure you get it right. We always encourage everyone to try out at least one society which is something they have never tried before - most of us go to university only once in their lives, so why not use the experience to try out something completely new?

We also have several societies looking for people to work within the committee, from social media officers to event officers. If this is something you would like to do, you can either get in touch with the Activities Team or reach out to the society directly you are interested in and volunteer your skills. It's a great way to get involved, and to add something to your CV.

If you don't see a Society for you, then you can start your own! Head to www.roehamptonstudent.com/activities/societies/ or follow us on social media for all the latest updates @rsusocieites.

  View full A-Z list of active RSU societies

AMSA Society (Ahmadiyya Muslim Society)

Anthropology Society

Arab Society

Baking Society

Business Society

Chinese Society

Christian Union Society

Criminology Society

Dance Competition Team Society

Dance Society

E-Sports Society

Film Society

First Aid and St Johns Society

First Love Society

Gaming Society

Glee Society

Historical and Classical Society

ISOC (Islamic Society)

Kharis on Campus Society

K-Pop Society

Law Society

LGBTQ Society

Linguistics Society

Norwegian Society

Philosophy Society

Photography Society

Pole Fitness Society

Polish Society

Politics Society

Psychology Society

Reading Society

Roehampton Music Society

Roehampton Players Society

RoePaul's Drag Society

Shakespeare Society

Sikh Society

SocieTea Society

Student Media Network

SSOAP Society

Swing Dance Society

Tamil Society

Third Row Dance Company

Universal Black Minds Society

UR Womens Society

UR Writing Society

Water Aid Society

Wrestling Society

Yoga Society


For semester one there will be a variety of online and offline activities, and all our societies are working very hard to make these as inclusive, safe and secure as possible. To find out more about what each group is about, and how to get involved. Keep checking the RSU social media to find out more!

How to join a society

From early September, you can join all our societies online. Many are offering free membership for 2021-22 to encourage you to get involved, so everyone is welcome – whether you are living on campus or studying virtually.

If you are not sure the society is for you – why not 'Register Your Interest' on the societies page of the RSU website? Just select the society you are interested in, and add this button to your basket online.  This is to put your name down for the society to contact you and send you information about their welcome events, activities for Semester 1 and for you to ask questions and find out if this is the society for you. Remember, you can also contact our groups directly through their society email and social media channels.

Find out more here

You can find all our Societies online here: https://www.roehamptonstudent.com/activities/societies/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rsusocieties/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roesocieties/

RSU Activities Office : RSU Building, 10-4pm Monday to Friday

Email: societies@roehampton.ac.uk


Growhampton is a sustainability programme with a big focus on food. Established in 2013, Growhampton works to engage students, staff and the local Roehampton community with sustainability issues with the hope of embedding 'being green' in their everyday lives and beyond.

Growhampton and the RSU also run The Hive Café, our ethical and environmentally conscious coffee shop which serves up homemade, wholesome hot food and amazing coffee. Due to it being an independent outlet, every pound spent with The Hive goes straight back into the Growhampton project.

You can find out more by heading to www.roehamptonstudent.com/growhampton/ or by following them on social media @TheHiveCafe @Growhampton

Student Support

Our Academic Advice Team specialises in supporting students with issues they may have with their course. From appeals to mitigating circumstances, members of the advice team are here to support you during your time at the University of Roehampton. Head to www.roehamptonstudent.com/support/academic/ for more information.


See you soon!

We can't wait for you to join the Roehampton community. We are here for you throughout. Got questions? Feel free to contact us on rsu@roehampton.ac.uk, through social media or on our website's live chat. We're happy to help with any queries you have.

We look forward to welcoming you here at Roehampton.


The RSU Sabbatical Team



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