Professor gives keynote address at Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research (CIMR), 7th International Research Conference

This year’s conference, which had the theme ’Navigating the Future: The Triple Bottom Line Approach’, saw several staff and PhD students from Roehampton present virtually alongside Professor Stephen Drinkwater to CIMR students and placement providers.  

Presenters from Roehampton also received certificates from the conference organisers, in recognition of their quality research. 

Chiharu Narikiyo, a PhD student in Roehampton’s Business School won the Best International Paper Award at the conference for her presentation on ‘Strategic investment decision making for sustainability: A longitudinal case analysis of acquisitions and disposals in a leading sustainable organization’, which was co-authored with her supervisors Professor Elaine Harris and Dr Moataz Elmassri. 

Professor Stephen Drinkwater’s presentation provided an overview of research and knowledge exchange in the CSRM. The presentation particularly focused on issues connected to sustainability and corporate responsibility within different aspects of business including accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, marketing and supply chains.

Professor Stephen Drinkwater said, “It was a huge honour for the CSRM to have been involved in and to support this conference, especially given that the CSRM’s activities are so closely related to the topics that were considered at the conference”.  

A thank you letter from Dr Madhumita Patil, CEO of CRKIMR and CIMR to Professor Stephen Drinkwater said “Your engaging and interactive session added immense value to the conference participants and left a lasting impression on the young minds of our students. The experience sharing and perspectives on the current trends of ESG practices were indeed inspiring.” 

“Your talk has further encouraged researchers to address current and emerging challenges related to social, economics, and financial aspects relevant to the theme”. 

The conference attendance was funded by money received from the World Parish Trustees facilitated by Southlands College.