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  • The programme has a growing national and international reputation for high standards and relevance to practice.
  • Specialise in particular areas of interest to reflect your professional role and future aspirations.
  • The programme is accessible, designed to suit busy professionals with evening teaching to help you fit your master's around work commitments.
  • Students have the option of applying for the full 180 credit MA, or just the Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits) or Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits).


This is a programme for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of the theory and practice of leadership and management in education. It is distinctive in its systematic and analytical enquiry into the theories and practices of education leadership and management, leading to improvements in students' professional practice and the organisations in which they work. The programme allows students to specialise in particular areas of interest to reflect their professional role and aspirational roles in education leadership and management with relevance to their own contexts.

Froebel College and the School of Education at the University of Roehampton are rooted in Froebelian principles with a deep commitment to people and education that addresses their wellbeing and welfare both personally, in our local communities and within our larger societies. It is an aim of the programme to strengthen students’ awareness of the social and communal influences that impact upon the ideas, frameworks and practices adopted by leaders and organisations within our communities.

The University’s commitment to critical thinking, equality, diversity, inclusion, responsible citizenship and leadership are all reflected in this programme. It provides opportunities to engage with up-to-date research over a broad range of issues and current thinking relating to education leadership and management. The focus is local, national and global with all modules drawing upon students’ diversity, diverse experiences and research literature to develop a research-informed understanding of leadership and management in different social and educational contexts.

Modules are normally taught at early evening sessions. Full time students usually attend on three and four days a week. Part time students in full time employment usually take three years to complete the full MA and they normally attend one evening in the autumn semester and two in the spring/summer semester.

This programme has an international profile and brings together students at postgraduate level from around the world.

You will study leadership and management in educational contexts from international perspectives to develop your knowledge, understanding and practice. Specifically, modules will cover aspects such as leading teaching and learning, developing staff and teams, organisational theory and strategy. These modules will take a people-focused approach, to understand the complexities of individuals and teams, and wider groups such as the staff, the organisation itself and beyond.

The programme enables you to specialise in particular areas of interest by giving a choice in your assignment and dissertation topics so your study has an immediate relevance and also prepares you for your future development as a practitioner and as a researcher.

If you are currently in a senior management position, then a special route may be possible for you depending upon your experience and courses completed with organisations such as the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

A key aspect of the Education Leadership and Management MA is the undertaking of a piece of research. You will study the foundational skills and concepts in academic enquiry, and planning for your specialist research. Your research will be in the form of a dissertation, as a means of critically enquiring into and developing knowledge about an issue or question relevant to your study.

Compulsory modules
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Excellence: from Glass Ceilings to Sticky Floors
Social and Educational Research

Optional modules (students select four)
Leading Educational Organizations
Developing Staff and Leading Teams
Building Communities of Learning for Pupils and Practitioners
System Leadership: Stepping across Educational Thresholds to Promote Educational Change
Contemporary Education Policy Debates: National and International

Optional Independent Study Module
This provides an opportunity for students to study in a specific area of education, relevant to their MA, where no appropriate taught modules are available. Please note that this module can only be taken with the approval of the Programme Convener.

NB. Students wishing to apply for the Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) or the Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) as their target award, rather than the MA, should contact the Programme Convenor for details of the required compulsory/optional modules. Contact details are under the Futher Information tab, right.


Compulsory and Required modules
Compulsory and/or required modules may change when we review and update programmes. Above is a list of modules offered this academic year.

Optional modules
Optional modules, when offered as part of a programme, may vary from year to year and are subject to viability.

Careers in leadership and management in schools, colleges, universities and early years settings; working in government organizations and educational charities; consultancy; training industries and further academic study at PhD level. Research areas include education policy, enhancement and quality, inspection and review systems.

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