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Please note applications for PGCE Secondary Physical Education are closed for 2021. Applications for 2022 will open in early October.

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Wednesday 3 November 2021, 5–7.30pm

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  • This course will provide you with excellent employment prospects.
  • We offer one of the widest range of curriculum subject specialisms available through a university.
  • Successful completion of this degree will provide you with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).
  • PGCE is recognised by many countries, providing opportunities for you to seek employment internationally once qualified.


Do you want to inspire young people and help change lives?
Would you like to enjoy a great starting salary and a rewarding career? 
Teaching offers all of this. Being able to educate and inspire future generations, seeing young people grow and develop with your help is unlike any other job.

Watch one of our former students talking about her PGCE Secondary year at Roehampton.

As one of the UK’s leading and longest-running providers of teacher education, we can offer you the best foundation for a successful career in the profession. Completion of this Postgraduate Certificate in Education will provide you with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from one of the highest rated providers in the country.

If you study PGCE Secondary at Roehampton you will be taught by a supportive, passionate and driven team of academic staff. Our experienced team strive to ensure you receive the best education and will encourage you to become a confident and successful teacher. Your placement will be confirmed before the start of term, and your mentors in schools are trained to ensure you achieve your full potential. In addition to our academic staff, we also have a range of support departments to help you with everything from dealing with money matters, to support with your studies.

This postgraduate qualification gives you the tools to build a successful career in teaching while providing a holistic view of the profession; you will look at the child, curriculum and teacher. We offer a wide range of subjects that you can specialise in:

In addition to your subject modules, you will also study a module which will hone your expertise and effectiveness as a teacher. You will learn how to manage a classroom, how planning and preparation contribute to the effectiveness of your teaching, how best to work with parents and other adults, and gain an understanding of children’s behaviour.

Many of our subject rooms are set up to resemble classrooms, ensuring that from your first day at university you will be in a school environment. This is important for your full immersion into the school environment and familiarity with the way classrooms are structured, and the type of resources teachers need on a daily basis.

Your placements at our partner schools will provide you with invaluable hands-on work experience giving you the confidence you need for your future career and a better understanding of how teaching works in practice.

All our academic staff have extensive teaching experience in schools, and many have served in local authorities or subject associations as advisory teachers, as Ofsted inspectors or as consultants. This means that our programmes are based on the reality of the classroom and the education system. Many work at the cutting edge of research in teacher education, which has a positive impact on the quality of provision for all of our students.

The current situation means that we are making some adjustments to our interview processes. For the time being interviews will be conducted online. Our interview processes are designed with equality and diversity in mind and adhere to the Equality Act of 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act of 2001. The interviewers and welcoming and supportive and try to put candidates at their ease as much as possible.
The interview will include the following elements:

  • A personal interview with one or more tutors designed to see if you are resilient, reflective, resourceful and respectful (teaching is a profession where respect for pupils and colleagues is essential). It is helpful to have an understanding of current affairs in relation to teaching.
  • A group task designed to see how you interact with other people.
  • Mathematics and English tasks designed to see what support and development you might need to be able to demonstrate fundamental skills in these important areas by the end of the course if you are offered and accept a place on the course.

This one year qualification will build your confidence in the classroom, your understanding of the wider role a teacher plays and provide you with all the subject knowledge to effectively teach your specialist subject to all age groups of secondary school children.

You will select a subject that you would like to specialise in and over the course of the year complete two modules in this subject. You will be introduced to a range of theories, practice, pedagogy, current research and literature relevant to that subject. Your learning will require you to reflect on your experiences in your school placements with a consideration of current issues and research. These reflections will then allow you to review and adjust your teaching methods to improve your own practice.

You will undertake two blocks of school experience. The Foundation placement for 6 weeks in one school, and a 12-week Development and Consolidation placement in a contrasting school.

Please note that the course is subject to some changes at present due to coronavirus restrictions. We are working hard to ensure that students have a positive experience and have every opportunity to successfully complete the course.

You will take two subject specialism modules, as well as the core modules below:

Professional Studies
Teaching Experience


  • We offer university-led routes into teaching and work with School Direct and SCITT partners.
  • Our programme offers you QTS (qualified teacher status in England) and internationally recognised PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education via 60 Masters Level credits)
  • The programme includes subject pedagogy and professional studies at master’s level.
  • We have 15 Subjects, including peer networks within small specialist study groups, with outstanding one-to-one support from experienced tutors.

How is the course structured?

  • University-led study days Wednesdays 9.30 am - 4.30 pm including:

Subject Studies. Sessions on subject pedagogy on Wednesdays at Roehampton, and learning rounds in excellent local schools. Two assignments.

Professional Studies Some Professional Studies sessions are held on campus. Some sessions at ‘hub’ schools. One assignment.

  • School Experience consists of:

120 days in two schools. We choose the schools and take into consideration, family commitments, location, car ownership/nearest station, the mentors and the contrast. Your mentors and subject tutors watch you teach and give feedback.  

When does the course start?

Observation in your first schools starts at the beginning of September. The observation briefing will be at Roehampton followed by formal induction after school observation. You will write three assignments, one in each term; your teaching is assessed each term. From October, you are in school every weekday except Wednesdays. In January you go to a primary school for several days. At the end of your third term, you spend five days a week in school.

What will the selection process include?

An individual interview with the subject tutor (or teachers in school). A group task (and presentation for some applicants, test for others). A written task including a SPaG test, and maths test; both used formatively to help plan your training if offered a place.  The selection process will be carried out online until coronavirus restrictions are lifted enabling us to interview in person safely.

What will the interview include?

Interviews will explore: The information in your UCAS application. Your reasons for wanting to teach in secondary schools. Your subject knowledge. School experience where appropriate.  Awareness of current issues in education. Awareness of the demands of teaching. Your personal qualities – enthusiasm, resilience, etc.

What do I need to do if I am offered a place?

Meet your conditions as soon as possible!

Is there any funding available for the course?

For some subjects, yes. Please see:

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Life at Roehampton

At Roehampton, we can offer all new students the opportunity to live in accommodation on our beautiful parkland campus, including affordable and high-end options.

We offer scholarships, provide hardship funding and help you find advice on managing your finances while you study.

We provide plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, through volunteering, playing sport or music, or joining one of our many active student societies.

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