PGCE Secondary: Geography specialism

You will be trained to teach pupils aged 11-16 with enhancements to teach pupils studying for A levels.

This course will prepare you to teach all aspects of Geography in secondary school. The course will be taught by a tutor who has considerable experience in the secondary school sector as well as in mentoring PGCE trainees. Valuable input into the course is made by teachers from schools where trainees are placed for classroom experience. By the end of the course you will have learnt how to develop and extend your pupils' geographical understanding, skills and knowledge in all its forms, how to organise, structure and assess work for a range of abilities and ages, how to meet the needs of individual learners and how to implement strategies promoting equal opportunities. You will learn about current developments in the teaching of Geography and its place in the National Curriculum at GCSE.

You will learn how Geography enables young people to make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world. It explains where places are, how places and landscapes are formed, how people and their environment interact, and how a diverse range of economies, societies and environments are interconnected. You will also draw on your own studies and work experience to encourage questioning, investigation and critical thinking about issues affecting the world and people's lives, now and in the future.

Entry requirements

Applicants should have a single subject degree in Geography or a joint degree in which Geography forms the major part. Interviews will include a discussion of the value of fieldwork in Geography at secondary school.

Further information

For more information please contact the subject leader Rachael Butcher.