Design and Technology Education

The Design and Technology programme is structured with a core of Design and Technology taught to all Trainees, including the nature of Design and Technology in Education, ICT and Graphics, with the opportunity for you to specialise in Product Design, Food Technology, Textiles Technology or Electronic and Communications technology (ECT) and to develop a second strength in at least one other area. We focus on extending and developing your knowledge, understanding and skills of designing and making, with an emphasis on active practical learning and problem solving. A range of specialist facilities and resources are used by the tutors from Roehampton and local schools are carefully selected to ensure you have the support and advice of experienced Design and Technology teachers. Applicants should have a degree which includes a substantial element of Design and Technology (such as product design, 3D design, engineering, architecture, food product development, nutrition, textiles or fashion design).
Candidates will be expected to provide and talk through a portfolio of their work at university and in their employment. They will be required to discuss Design and Technology teaching in their specialist areas that they have seen or experienced recently in schools.

If you have specific questions about the programme or your suitability for it, please contact the email one of the tutors, Polly Middleton-Heatley or Ruth Seabrook

Design and Technology Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course

We also offer a Design and Technology (D&T) subject knowledge enhancement course (SKE). This is aimed at students who have been accepted onto a postgraduate initial teacher training course (including School Direct and SCITT approaches) in D&T and who need to develop their subject knowledge in order to teach to secondary pupils. For example, candidates may have a Graphic Design degree but may wish to teach Product Design or Electronics.

This course is for graduates who are interested in teaching Design and Technology (D&T) but who need to develop their subject knowledge in other areas of D&T in order to teach to secondary pupils. For example, candidates may have a Graphic Design degree but may wish to teach Resistant Materials or Electronics.

A broad base of Fundamental D&T concepts will be covered with particular emphasis on the Design and Make process that is inherent in the D&T Curriculum. All areas of D&T will be covered to develop the depth of understanding necessary to teach effectively across the curriculum at KS3 and KS4.

Teaching on the course will include a variety of approaches including individual and group work with a mix of practical, ICT-based activities and some distance learning to promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for Design and Technology Teaching.

Course information
You are eligible for a Design and Technology subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) Course if:

  • You are a graduate with a good class of degree in one of the related areas of Design and Technology including: Food, Textiles, Resistant Materials, Product Design, Graphic Products, Systems and Control, Engineering, Architecture or 3D Design; and
  • You have applied and been accepted for a Design and Technology Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), School Direct (salaried or training) or school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) course with an accredited provider of initial teacher training by the time the SKE Course starts in June 2015. 
  • It is a condition of your place on the PGCE that you attend a Subject Knowledge enhancement Course.

The D&T SKE is an eight week course which runs from June 2017 to August 2017. The course will support you to audit and develop your subject knowledge, practical skills and understanding to teach all areas of DT from KS3-KS5. Subjects included are: Product Design, Resistant Materials, Systems and Control, Textile Technology and Food Technology. The course is of particular use to those whose degree background does not directly relate to what is taught in school and provides excellent preparation for your PGCE. The SKE course will be delivered jointly by the University of Roehampton and Goldsmiths.

There is a bursary payable to those who attend the SKE. More details to follow.

For further details, please contact:
Ruth Seabrook