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Variations in energy expenditure in humans and other animals

Prof. Lewis Halsey, Dr Andrea Perna, Dr Daniel Perkins, Dr Chris Tyler, Dr Emily Watkins

The roles of coffee derivatives in pancreatic beta cell survival and function in type 2 diabetes

Adele Costabile & Astrid Hauge-Evans; PhD student Kittiwadee Sarnsamak


Microplastics in groundwater ecosystems: a global impact analysis (PlaStyx)

Anne Robertson, Julia Reiss, Dan Perkins & Stefan Krause (University of Birmingham)

Targeting LEAP2 to treat type 2 Diabetes

Astrid Hauge-Evans, Michael Patterson.


Optimising physical and cognitive health and performance in humans exposed to extreme temperatures

Dr Adam Bruton, Dr Neale Tillin, Dr Steve Trangmar, Dr Chris Tyler, and Dr Emily Watkins

Impact of digital healthcare services for adults with coeliac disease

Dr Yvonne Jeanes with NHS external partners


The neuromechanics and biology of skeletal muscle force production

Neale Tillin, Richard Mackenzie, Omar Mian, Adam Bruton, Peter Wright, Siobhan Strike, Nicholas Hurren


Development of novel anti-cancer phosphatase activator

Dr Maria Teresa Esposito, Dr Michelle Sahai

Lowering cholesterol efficacy of Lactobacillus plantarum ECGC 13110402 LPLDL® in hypercholesterolaemic adults

Adele Costabile; Website: https://discoverthesecretofgoodhealth.weebly.com


Optimising simulation interventions for performance and learning in humans

: Dr Adam Bruton, Dr Neale Tillin, Dr Ceri Diss, Dr Andrew Greene, Dr Omar Mian

Can stress lead to obesity or metabolic disease

Dr Michael Patterson, Dr Adele Costabile, Prof Jolanta Opacka-Juffry (Honorary Fellow)

Endometriosis in the UK: Quality of life and variations in treatment.

Jodie Hughes (PhD Student) supervised by Dr Astrid Hauge-Evans and Dr Patrick Brady

Phenolic acid content and fibre in Nigerian wholegrains: their metabolism, bioavailability and potential cardiovascular benefits.

Giulia Corona, Adele Costabile, Yolanda Calle, Volker Behrends (PhD students – Oghenerukevwe, Anne Obayiuwana)

The tumour microenvironment in haematological malignancies

Dr Yolanda Calle and Dr Maria Teresa Esposito

From 'Feed the Birds' to 'Do not Feed the Animals'

Garry Marvin (Project CoI), Giovanna Capponi (3 year Post Doctoral Associate), Garry Marvin and Stuart Semple, supervisors for 3 PhD students (Alex Mullan, Herre de Bondt, Helen Nakielny) included in the project.

Rising from the Depths: Utilising Marine Cultural Heritage in East Africa to Help Develop Sustainable Social, Economic and Cultural Benefits (Funded by the AHRC with a grant for £2m)

Garry Marvin, Nadine Beckmann, Jonathan Skinner (external) supervisors of 4 PhD students (Monicah Sairo, Kisiaya Saruni, Victor Alati, Fasco Chengula) included in the project.

malaysia study.jpg

Toybox Study Malaysia: improving healthy energy balance behaviours in pre-schoolers

Leigh Gibson, Sue Reeves, Cecilia Essau, Poh Bee Koon, Carolyn Summerbell, Whye Lian Cheah, Denise Koh , Julia Lee and Ruzita Abd Talib.