Development of novel anti-cancer phosphatase activator

Staff involved: Dr Maria Teresa Esposito, Dr Michelle Sahai

Protein phosphorylation is a post-translational modification, regulated by phosphatase and kinases, that governs the activity of signalling pathways in cells. This process is often aberrant in cancer. Kinases have been studied as potential therapeutic targets for decades, and several kinases inhibitors have been approved for treatment of cancer. Phosphatase have been considered undruggable but with the development of novels tools to study protein-protein interaction, the time is ready to uncover the therapeutic potential of phosphatase regulators. In collaboration with Cyclica we are investigating novel small molecules for therapy of leukemia using computational approaches and machine learning on an AI-augmented platform.

Leukemic cells undergoing differentiation

This work is featured on the Leukaemia UK website here: