Endometriosis in the UK: Quality of life and variations in treatment

Staff: Jodie Hughes (PhD Student) supervised by Dr Astrid Hauge-Evans and Dr Patrick Brady

Endometriosis is a common and disabling disease that affects large numbers of people in the UK and around the world. There is evidence of significant variation in how people with endometriosis are supported and treated in the UK. This study is a large scale (thousands of participants) survey of people using a mixed methods approach. There is an assessment instrument looking at people’s experience of their endometriosis and their treatment, which may enable the regionally and demographic variation to be examined, for what may be the first time with this disease. Then there will then be selected, follow up interviews to go into depth on the lived experience and challenges faced by people with endometriosis, with a view that this may lead to recommendations for improved treatment process, highlighting best practices, quality of life issues and challenges to treatment. Recruitment is through patient groups, hospitals, and relevant charities.