Rising from the Depths:
Utilising Marine Cultural Heritage in East Africa to Help Develop Sustainable Social, Economic and Cultural Benefits (Funded by the AHRC with a grant for £2m)

Staff:  Garry Marvin Project Co-I

Garry Marvin, Nadine Beckmann, Jonathan Skinner (external) supervisors of 4 PhD students (Monicah Sairo, Kisiaya Saruni, Victor Alati, Fasco Chengula) included in the project.

A multi-university and multi-disciplinary project, involving marine and terrestrial archaeology; coastal geology; environmental law; heritage studies and anthropology. The aims are several – to document East African marine cultural heritage; to understand local appreciation of that heritage; to assess the risks to it; and to explore ways in which local communities might engage with this heritage for educational, social, and economic development.