The International Journal of James Bond Studies

The International Journal of James Bond Studies is an academic peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing interdisciplinary scholarship on all aspects of Ian Fleming’s James Bond franchise.  

The journal aims to develop contemporary critical readings of Ian Fleming’s James Bond across literary, filmic, and cultural history, and offers broader criticism of the popular appeal of Fleming’s creation and its relation to the spy genre. 

Each issue of IJJBS contains innovative and original research on a range of related topics, including: the James Bond novels (both original and continuation); the James Bond films; the music of James Bond; James Bond computer games; television, radio, and comic adaptations; James Bond parodies and/or spin-offs; James Bond merchandise; the cultural impact of James Bond; James Bond and spy fiction; and other academic works on James Bond. 

The journal appeals to scholars, academics, and cultural critics whose work focuses on Ian Fleming and James Bond, as well as to fans of the James Bond franchise who wish to supplement their knowledge in this area.