Health and Safety Risk Assessment for Ethics Applications

It is a University requirement that risk assessments should be conducted for all staff and student research. Risk assessments should be completed for research, both within and outside the University, before work commences. The purpose of the risk assessment is to identify potential hazards, and hence control measures that might be needed. This is to help ensure the health and safety of the Researcher and of any other person that might be affected by the work.

A Health and Safety Risk Assessment for Ethics Applications form and a Health and Safety Compliance Declaration for Ethics Applications should be completed by the Researcher; for student work this should be in collaboration with the Supervisor. The Ethics Risk Assessment Form should be attached to the Ethics Application Form. It is the responsibility of the Head of Department to ensure that risk assessments are conducted for all research being undertaken by their Department. If the project involves working abroad the Ethics Overseas Background Information Form should also be completed.

Further advice can be obtained from the Head of Health and Safety: please see Ethics contacts.

See the Health and Safety Risk Assessment Guidance for more information.