Seminar Programme

We run a regular seminar series throughout the year which features a wide range of speakers.

Seminar on Ethics in Research– Spring term - Wednesdays 1pm

Lead by: Dr Michał P. Garapich (SHSS, Centre for Equality, Justice and Social Change)

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No matter if we are anthropologists, psychologists, philosophers or engineers ethics in research connects us all. But in a highly controlled legal environment with data protection and risk assessments a standard procedure in any research, academics began to view ethics as a tedious, time consuming and boring process. It shouldn’t be like that – after all, as Albert Schweitzer says, “Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life “.

In this unique Seminar Series, we invite University academics to come, listen, talk and take part in a debate about ethics in research. The one hour (except the seminar as part of HAW on 22nd March) seminars will take a dialogical form where two scholars will discuss their experiences, ethical dilemmas, theoretical and empirical problems in the field. Please circulate throughout the University, in particular among your MA and PhD students.

Spring Semester


Monday 6th Feb

Location: Room PH.1009 (Whitelands)
Prof. Garry Marvin + Dr Michał P. Garapich
Professor of Human-Animal Studies, Garry Marvin, an anthropologist and long-time Chair of Ethics Committee at University of Roehampton will discuss what ethics are really for. 
Beyond Ethics Approval - Continuing Research Responsibilities.

Wednesday 22nd Feb [Cancelled due to strike]

Location: Adam room (GH.003)
Dr Vron Ware + Dr Michał P. Garapich
A renown author, activist and academic, Dr Vron Ware will talk about ethical issues arising from her most recent book.
Why did the shepherd stop returning my calls, and other questions arising from research in a rural community.

Wednesday 8th March [Cancelled due to strike]

Location: Room GH.008
Dr Angie Pepper and Prof. Jeremie Gilbert
Dr Angie Pepper and Prof. Jeremie Gilbert will talk about non-human persons’ rights, and the complex relations between ethics and law. 
Speaking for Others: Challenges and Prospects.

Wednesday 22nd March

Location: Adam Room (GH.003)
Sociology and Criminology 3rd Year Students
As part of the Homelessness Awareness Week, 3rd Year students will present a report from a study for the Upper Room charity dealing with homelessness. Students will also present reflections on ethical challenges they had to deal with during the study.
Ethics and reflexivity in researching homelessness

Wednesday 29th March

Location: Adam Room (GH.003)
Prof. Mark McCormack + Victoria Holt
Difficult questions of when and how to push back against 'mission creep' in ethics processes" Mark McCormack leads a discussion on the complexity of challenging ethics processes when they may be based on unconscious biases.
Sex, sexuality and ethical conservatism

Wednesday 12th April

Location: GH.008
Dr Michał P. Garapich + TBC
This seminar will discuss thorny methodological and ethical issues arising from ethnographic research among members of far-right groups.
To nod or not to nod – research among ‘repulsive cultural others’ and the grey zone of dialogical interviewing.