Theology, Religion and Practice Seminar Series

We run a regular seminar series throughout the year which features a wide range of speakers. For more infomation and to view the full schedule, please click here

Past events

Centre for Practical Philosophy, Theology and Religion, University of Roehampton/Università Roma Tre
Four Online Seminars on Spirituality and Experience, Spring, 2022
Convenors: Fiona Ellis (Roehampton) and Mario De Caro (Roma Tre)

Thursday 10 March, 5.30pm GMT
Dr David McPherson (Creighton University)
Spiritual Alienation: What is it? How can we overcome it?

Thursday 24 March, 5.30pm GMT
Prof Fiona Ellis (University of Roehampton)
A Metaphysics of Spiritual Experience

Monday 25 April, 5.30pm BST
Prof John Cottingham (University of Reading)
Spiritual Experience: Its Scope, Its Phenomenology, and Its Source

Earlier events
A recording of the presentation from 10 Feb 2022, entitled Spirituality in early childhood pedagogy is now available to view on this YouTube link.