Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit (LTEU) works with staff and students to develop and promote best practice in learning and teaching, which inspires our students to achieve their full academic potential. We work in partnership, supporting and encouraging collaboration within and between academic departments, developing innovations, researching best practice and leading and facilitating initiatives that allow the sharing of ideas and practice. 

Our key roles are:

  • Working with colleagues across the university to achieve the goals set out in the Learning & Teaching Strategy;
  • Providing continuing professional development for colleagues, who teach and support the learning of students; 
  • Developing policies for learning and teaching and providing guidance on these to colleagues in the departments
  • Supporting the development and approval of new programmes and modules;
  • Analysing, supporting and reporting on key indicators of quality teaching and learning;
  • Providing continuing professional development for colleagues in professional services departments;
  • Encouraging and sharing innovative practice in teaching and supporting learning;
  • Supporting, advising and guiding to assist the development of best practice in teaching, learning and assessment 
  • Running conferences, events, workshops and bespoke sessions

The LTEU works closely with the Deputy Provost Learning and Teaching and colleagues in the Academic Office to ensure that enhancement is underpinned by robust quality processes.

Teaching Excellence

Roehampton has a long tradition of teaching and we are constantly working to enhance the learning opportunities for students. We have a number of measures in place which allow us to scrutinise the quality of our teaching. Two such measures are the Teaching Excellence Framework and our internal module evaluations.

Academic Support and Guidance

At Roehampton we are committed to giving our students a high quality and supportive learning experience. We recognise that moving into higher education can be a daunting and unfamiliar experience and have a number of measures in place to support our students in this transition and with their progression and attainment. Two such measures are our Academic Guidance Tutors and the Academic Achievement Advisors.

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Research and Projects

The LTEU is engaged in pedagogic research and projects centred on the enhancement of teaching and learning. Involvement in these projects helps us to understand the ways in which our students experience higher education in different contexts, and allows us to learn from, develop and share best practice with our colleagues at Roehampton. Where possible our research engages us with colleagues and students from across Roehampton and at other institutions, providing us with the opportunity for interdisciplinary research on which we can draw to influence policy and practice.

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