Teaching Excellence

Roehampton has a long tradition of teaching and we are constantly working to enhance the learning opportunities for students. We have a number of measures in place which allow us to scrutinise the quality of our teaching. Two such measures are the Teaching Excellence Framework and our internal module evaluations. 

Module Evaluations

Module evaluations are carried out for every module on undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes. Evaluations take place towards the end of the module or twice for year-long modules and give students the opportunity to assess various aspects of their experience including the quality of the teaching, assessment, feedback and academic support. The results are translated into reports which are sent to the Schools/Departments and are used by programme teams for programme development and enhancement and also form part of the evidence for annual monitoring reports. Students are also available to view module evaluation scores and departmental action plans through Moodle or the student portal.

Teaching Excellence Framework and Student Outcomes Framework  

The Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF) is a government initiative designed to assess the quality of teaching students receive from Higher Education providers across the United Kingdom. Led by the Office for Students, the TEF specifically examines data related to teaching quality, the learning environment and student outcomes and learning gain to make an initial assessment of a provider’s quality. Providers then produce a narrative which may include information on the impact of their interventions to enhance learning and teaching whilst also providing supplementary information to contextualise the data. 

The metrics which make up the data include information on student experience, drop out and progression rates, student success and employment and further study information.

The TEF is still in its infancy, and is anticipated to move from undergraduate provision at a university level only to examining subject level data and postgraduate taught level provision.