Privacy notice – service users and carers

Postgraduate professional training courses in the School of Psychology, University of Roehampton

This statement explains how the University uses your personal information. Personal information is any information about someone by which they could be identified (for example a name, picture, email address/address or video material). This privacy notice applies to the personal data of service users in therapy with a trainee on the MA in Music Therapy. The notice should also be read by parents and carers. You can read more about how we keep your data safe in the University's data protection information.

The person giving you this information is a Music Therapist in training at University of Roehampton. As part of their training programme they will record their sessions with you/your child for supervision and assessment purposes. The reasons for this are to monitor, assess and, if possible, improve the quality of the trainee's work with you/your child. They may also base written work submitted for assessment on the work undertaken. You are under no obligation to agree to this request.

What personal information will be used?

The University training therapist (your therapist) may store or process the following personal data. This data will come from the work that you do with your therapist.

  • Your details (name, address, telephone number)
  • Information about your background and health (including medical information)
  • Details and records of therapeutic sessions

How your personal data is used by the University

Your therapist will use your data to support the work undertaken in your therapy sessions:

  • In supervision and professional practice groups (session that take place at University that helps to develop the work of the trainee and maintain high standards). These are confidential sessions and material is anonymised where possible
  • To inform assignments. These are submitted online and completely anonymised (all names and any other potentially identifying information is changed)
  • To inform reports for you, your carers and your team (if appropriate, that document and explain the work that you have done with your therapist
  • In an emergency, for example if you were very unwell, the trainee might use medical or contact information to make sure that people looking after you have the best information
  • If you give specific consent; to inform presentations at educational or vocational events. All material will be completely anonymised.


The University will not normally share your personal data with any third parties, and will only do so in accordance with data protection law.

Opting out or withdrawing consent

The University will keep a record of your consent. If you would like to withdraw your consent where it has been given, please tell your therapist or another trusted member of staff.

Storage and retention

Your data will be stored safely and securely and deleted in line with the University's Record Retention schedule.


Depending on the nature of the processing and the legal basis on which it is taking place, you may have one or more rights in respect of your personal data. For example, right of access, portability, amendment, erasure, and restriction of processing. More information.

Other information

The University will publish any changes we make to this data protection statement on the website, and will and notify you by other communication channels where appropriate. The University of Roehampton is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, and acts as data controller for the personal data outlined in this notice.

You can raise any queries relating to the processing of your personal data with the University's Data Protection Officer. You have the right to make a complaint about the University's handling of your personal data to the Information Commissioner's Office, and can do so at If you have any queries or concerns about the way the service in which you are being seen by the trainee may be handling your personal data please raise those with the trainee or the manager of the service in which you are being seen.

Psychology Department
September 2018