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The Gaming Room

The Gaming Room is open to all current foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students. It’s located in the Queen’s Building at Southlands College, on our main campus, and is equipped with 13 PCs. It’s the perfect place to use if you want to build a competitive esports team and represent University of Roehampton in national and international tournaments. The Gaming Room is also open to anyone who wants to meet other gamers, socialise and relax.


We have 20 high-specification gaming PCs, equipped with i7-7700K, and GTX 1080 graphic cards, available for esports players, with 13 based in our gaming room, and others used for streaming and events. We also have a machine dedicated to live streaming to Twitch and Youtube. It’s equipped with a superb condenser microphone, industry standard webcam and dual monitors – everything you might need for streaming.

Competitive Teams

Do you want to build a competitive team and represent the University of Roehampton in the National University Esport League? Currently we have teams that represent Roehampton on a national scale, currently focussed on League of Legends and Overwatch. We will expand the number of teams and titles played to meet demand.

Content Creation

Esports industry is so much more than just competitive players. Shoutcasters, analysts, coaches and managers are all integral part of the industry, but at the front of it all are content creators. We have a fully-functioning streaming facilities available for all students to use. Together with our Department of Media, Culture & Language, we offer our students a wide range of professional opportunities to create original content about gaming and esports, and advice on presenting, editing and curating content.


The Roehampton esports Scholarship, the first of its kind for a UK university, is worth £1,500 a year and will support student on any undergraduate and postgraduate course enrolling at Roehampton from Autumn 2019. Ten esports scholarships will be available for students enrolling and prospective students can apply here

Find out more

If you're interested in joining a team, understanding more about being an esports player, or learning how to create content, then visit us at our next open day.