Nursing Scholarship

We will be offering scholarships to all nursing students who achieve at least 112 tariff points (equivalent to ABB at A level). This will be paid in two instalments in the first and second terms of your first year.

The scholarships, which will be paid in cash, will be worth:

  • £1,000 paid in two instalments of £500 in Year 1



Q. Is there an application form to complete?
You do not need to apply for this scholarship – eligibility is assessed automatically. Successful students are contacted by the University during their first term.

Q. Can I hold more than one scholarship at a time e.g. this and the Academic Excellence Scholarship?
Yes, this scholarship can be combined with the Academic Excellence Scholarship.

Q. Is the Roehampton Nursing Scholarship in addition to the new government funding for nursing students?
Yes. This means that students eligible for this scholarship will receive £6,000 in their first year of studying, in addition to any further funding for which they may be eligible (e.g., other scholarships, childcare allowance, etc.).



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