College Life at Southlands College

There is a huge amount to get involved with at Southlands. The four colleges at Roehampton are smaller communities of residential and non-residential students and staff, who live and work together as part of a unique community. Southlands is the smallest college and residential community on the campus, and we aim to be the friendliest and most welcoming.

The college is located at the north end of the main campus on Roehampton Lane, nearest Barnes station (and so the quickest for connections into Central London). It is made up of a small quadrangle of buildings, combining student residences, staff offices, modern teaching spaces, a chapel, Muslim prayer rooms, concert halls and music practice rooms, a café and restaurant and our college social space, The Reef. Reception and the main teaching spaces, including the Chapman Hall, are found in the Queen’s Building. Here you will find the departments of Media, Culture and Language, Music Education, and the Business School. 

Members of Southlands, whether they live on site or off-campus, can get involved in a huge range of activities. The college is particularly keen to support students in leading events and campaigns themselves. Amongst other special features, we are home to a large volunteer programme called the Southlands Venture; we are the base for our own special charity dining society; we are the hub for the music performance activities of the university; we have our own student-run magazine; and we have pioneered the development of a college student committee, where individual students take responsibility for an area of college life. 

If you would like to get involved in our volunteering work, contact Bill Topping or visit the college Volunteer Opportunities page. 

If you want to get involved with music at Roehampton, in any capacity, contact our Music Director or see the Music pages on this website. 

To get involved with the college chaplaincy, contact Nicola Morrison and see the Chaplaincy pages on this website. 

We want you to take part in the life of the college and will do all we can to welcome you and your ideas for shaping our community in the coming year. Our team of staff and student leaders would love to hear from anyone wanting to get involved in running and participating in college campaigns, events and activities. Make sure you get in touch with Ben Patterson, College Life Development Officer, if you would like to get involved in shaping the activities at Southlands this year.